Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 638

Chapter 638: Let's Get Married (2)

She was already at the hospital, but she did not go to see a doctor. It was 8 am when Song Menghwa woke up, and the nurse arrived with breakfast.

Song Qingchun, who was feeling light-headed, suffered through the breakfast at the hospital beside Song Menghwa. She only left when her sister-in-law, Fang Rou, came over.

After returning home and taking a shower, she changed into a new set of clothes. When she was leaving for work, a dark veil fell over her eyes, and she would have fallen down the stairs if not for the fact that she managed to grab hold of the bannister at the last moment.

Song Qingchun stopped moving for quite some time before slowly making her way back down the stairs. Her initial plan had been to drive to her company, but since she was not feeling so well, she left her car keys at the front entrance and put the high heels she had thought about wearing back onto the rack, instead putting on a comfortable pair of flats.

When Song Qingchun reached the gate of the residential area, she called for a cab. Even though the cab was quite far away from her location, she still decided it was safer to wait for the driver than to drive herself.

On the way to work, Song Qingchun received a phone call from the station manager, and she changed the destination to City Clubhouse instead.

Song Qingchun teetered on her shivering legs to get the stuff that the station manager had asked her to get from the receptionist at City Clubhouse before walking back to the roadside to lean on the street lamp, waiting for a taxi to come.

City Clubhouse was located near the old palace, and that was not a place where taxi drivers congregated. Song Qingchun called for many cabs, but none of them came; however, Su Zhinian did come. He seemed to have something to do at City Clubhouse, and his car rolled to stop in front of her.

Song Qingchun, who was not feeling well, did not notice Su Zhinian's car at first. She was too focused on her phone to get a taxi when she heard the door slam and the clicks of high heels across the floor. Then, the sound stopped, replaced by Cheng Qingchong's voice. "Miss Song?"

Song Qingchun was silent for a moment before slowly raising her head.

"So, it is you…" Cheng Qingchong smiled genially at her before commenting politely, "Miss Song, this is such a coincidence."

"It really is." Song Qingchun forced a smile.

"Is Miss Song also here on business?"


"Then, Miss Song, I'll see you around. I still have work to attend to inside."

Song Qingchun nodded wordlessly.



After Cheng Qingchong left, Song Qingchun lowered her gaze back to her phone screen. After half a minute later, she seemed to sense something and slowly raised her eyes at the streets in front of her.

Su Zhinian's usual car slowly fell into her sight. Through the windshield, she caught sight of Su Zhinian, with his air of elegance and grace, sitting in the backseat, with his head lowered, focusing completely on the laptop on his knees.

It had only been ten hours since Song Qingchun had last seen Su Zhinian, but it felt like it had been decades. Song Qingchun lost her train of thought, staring at Su Zhinian, but she quickly recovered. Acting like she had not seen him, she lowered her head quietly, pushed her phone back into her bag, turned around, and continued walking.