Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Let's Get Married (3)

Song Qingchun walked until she was about a hundred meters away from Su Zhinian's car before she stopped.

Before, when she was waiting under the street lamp, her legs had already been shaking from illness. The short walk seemed to have drained every drop of energy within her. She had trouble even trying to breathe. Song Qingchun reached out to lean against an old tree by the roadside. She closed her eyes to take several deep breaths before turning around to lean against the tree trunk.

There was still no response when she tried calling for a cab. Realizing she was unable to move on her own two feet anymore, Song Qingchun doubled the price and called for another cab service.

The messages kept on firing through the app, but there was no taker.

Song Qingchun felt the cold sweat that had soaked her clothes. She gripped her phone tightly and held onto her consciousness as firmly as she could. Even if she had to faint, she had to wait for Su Zhinian to leave first. Time moved exceptionally slow since she was in pain.

The minute digit on her phone had only changed five times while Song Qingchun felt like she was about to collapse. When the digit jumped for the seventh time, Cheng Qingchong finally came out from City Clubhouse.

Her gait was fast and professional, but in Song Qingchun's eyes, she was not fast enough. Her eyes were practically glued to Cheng Qingchong's feet. When she reached the car and got into it, Song Qingchun sighed in relief under her breath.

Su Zhinian's car started to move. As the car passed her, Song Qingchun knew Su Zhinian would not even pay her any heed, but she still lowered her head. After about half a minute, when Song Qingchun thought his car had long since driven away, she slowly raised her eyes to see that Su Zhinian's car had for some reason stopped before her again. The car was about twenty meters away from her. She had the perfect view of Su Zhinian through the car window.

Probably because the car had started moving, he was no longer on his laptop. Instead, the man was leaning against the car seat luxuriously, and around him was an air of chilliness.

Actually, the moment Song Qingchun saw Su Zhinian, her first instinct had been to avert her eyes. However, the high fever had caused her reactions to be slower than usual. When she was about to pull her eyes away, the man suddenly turned around, and their eyes met across the distance.

Song Qingchun bit on her lips, and her movement stopped. Even through the haze of the fever, she could clearly see the lack of warmth and cruelty at the bottom of his eyes.

Through the corner of her eyes, Song Qingchun saw Su Zhinian's driver put down his phone and started to drive again.

His eyes that stared at her were coming closer and closer. Just as the front of the car was about to pass her, a world of darkness covered her eyes, and she fell headfirst to the floor.

The fall made her groan in pain. Before she faded out of consciousness completely, her eyes floated instinctively toward Su Zhinian sitting inside the car.

The man did not seem to notice her fall even though he was looking at her. There was no change in his expression, and he even slowly moved his gaze away.