Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 642

Chapter 642: Let's Get Married (6)

Before Song Qingchun answered, Qin Yinan's brows furrowed, and he asked, "Why are you walking all over the place without any slippers? What if you hurt yourself?"

Then, he walked around the dining table, heading for the front door. He opened the shoe rack and got a pair of ladies' slippers out from within. When he saw that it was a pair Tang Nuan had left in his house, he stopped moving for a moment before tossing them into the trashcan. Then, he picked out a pair of flats, walked back to Song Qingchun, and placed them before her. "I'm sorry, I don't entertain much, so do bear with me. I hope you don't mind wearing these."

Song Qingchun nodded as she raised her feet to step into the shoes.

Qin Yinan raised the back of his palm to touch Song Qingchun's forehead. He placed it there for a while before retracting it and saying, "Good, the fever's down. Go sit there and rest, food will be ready soon."

As he spoke, he pointed at the sofa in the living room. After Song Qingchun nodded, he turned to head back into the kitchen. Song Qingchun stood where she was for quite some time. She did not follow Qin Yinan's instructions to sit on the sofa but slowly followed behind him and padded into the kitchen.

The kitchen door was not closed. When she was standing at the door, Qin Yinan sensed her presence and raised his head to look at her. "What are you doing here? It's hot and damp in here."

Song Qingchun smiled but did not reply. She leaned against the door frame and looked at the decorations in the kitchen. Qin Yinan soon finished cooking. He turned off the gas and placed the dish on an oval-shaped plate. Then, Song Qingchun leaned in to take the plate from him, adding, "Let me."

Qin Yinan halted for a moment before eventually handing the plate to her. Song Qingchun put the plate on the dining table, and Qin Yinan walked out behind her with a soup pot in his hands.

Song Qingchun grabbed heat-insulation pad from beside the table and placed it in the middle of the table. Qin Yinan placed the pot on it and then removed his apron before smiling at Song Qingchun. "What you still doing standing there? Go wash your hands, it's time to eat."

Song Qingchun nodded. She lowered her head slightly and turned to the bathroom attached to the living room. When she came out of it, Qin Yinan was ladling a bowl of soup for her.

Song Qingchun walked forward and pulled the chair out. As she sat down, Qin Yinan passed her the bowl and said, "You just woke up from such a serious illness. I bet you don't have much of an appetite, but take a sip of the soup; it'll warm your stomach."

"Thank you, Brother Yinan."

Qin Yinan smiled quaintly and did not say anything.

Both were quiet during the meal. Song Qingchun, who had just recovered, really did not have much of an appetite; she only took a few bites of the rice before putting the chopsticks down.

However, he was not anxious to leave the dining room. Instead, she sat where she was, staring at Qin Yinan, who was wolfing down the food with gusto. After a moment, she asked, "Brother Yinan, how did you know I'd fainted?"

"I didn't" Qin Yinan swallowed a mouthful of food before continuing. "I was on the way to work when I received a call from your phone. It was a stranger who said you had fainted by the roadside. I immediately rushed over when I heard that."

"It was" Song Qingchun paused before uttering, " a stranger?"

"Yes, a stranger who happened to pass by."

Song Qingchun immediately retreated into a bubble of silence, and her head lowered even further.

Qin Yinan looked at her and frowned. "What's wrong?"