Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 643

Chapter 643: Let's Get Married (7)

"No, nothing." Song Qingchun looked up and smiled at Qin Yinan as she shook her head. Qin Yinan believed her and resumed eating his food.

Song Qingchun turned her head slowly toward the window, and the smile in her eyes disappeared. In its place, was a well of condescension. Just what was I thinking? Why did I still believe that Su Zhinian would have contacted Brother Yinan after I fainted? I should have known better when I saw his car drive away.

After dinner, Qin Yinan did not hurry to clear the table but walked into his bedroom. When he came back out, he had several boxes of medicine in his hands. When he walked past the living room, he also grabbed a glass of water.

Returning to the dining table, he first placed the water before Song Qingchun before following the doctor's orders and passing her the medicine. "Better take them now lest you forget it later."

Song Qingchun accepted them with a nod.

Qin Yinan stood to the side and watched her swallow the medicine before starting to clear away the dishes. Song Qingchun stood up, trying to help, but was chased away by Qin Yinan. He ordered her to go rest in the living room.

Song Qingchun sat on the sofa and flipped the television on. One of her favorite variety shows was playing, but her mind was somewhere else. She was looking at the television screen, but the plot never registered in her mind. For some reason, she started to remember the conversation between her father and Uncle Zhang that she had overheard at the hospital the previous night.

After Qin Yinan finished washing the dishes, he came out of the kitchen with a fruit plate for Song Qingchun. She took several bites of the fruit before stopping. Then, she turned to Qin Yinan and asked, "When did you buy this apartment?"

"Last year." Actually, Qin Yinan had bought this apartment because he wanted to share it with Tang Nuan after they got married. He had chosen this place because of the name, Nan Tang Yuan.

Qin Yinan paused for a moment before adding, "But, I'm in the middle of the negotiations; I'll probably be selling it next month."

"Why? Brother Yinan, you're also flipping real-estate?" Song Qingchun asked half-jokingly.

Qin Yinan smiled but did not explain. Silence reigned once more.

After some time, Song Qingchun uttered, "It's getting late; I should get back home."

"I'll drive you," Qin Yinan said as he stood up to walk back into his bedroom. Then, he came out with her bag and a jacket.

Before leaving, Qin Yinan handed her the jacket, saying, "It's cold tonight. Wear this so that you don't catch a cold."

The roads were unusually quiet that night, and Qin Yinan's car soon reached the Song family's residential area.

Qin Yinan did not get out from his car. Instead, he pulled Song Qingchun's bag open to take out all the medicine inside and explained the intake methods to Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun listened to Qin Yinan quietly, but there was no change in expression on her face. Her brain, however, was a mess, like two people fighting inside. She was thinking about Su Zhinian and Song Menghwa.

Before Qin Yinan finished, Song Qingchun suddenly interrupted him by calling his name. "Brother Yinan."