Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 646

Chapter 646: Let's Get Married (10)

One week later, when Song Menghwa was about to enter the surgery room for the second time that month, Song Qingchun revealed the news about her upcoming nuptials with Qin Yinan. As she expected, Song Menghwa could not hide the grin on his face.

Even though Song Qingchun told Song Menghwa it was merely an engagement, her father treated it as their marriage and started discussing the details of the wedding with her. When Fang Rou arrived at the hospital, he even had her start to prepare for the wedding.

Fang Rou was equally happy when she heard the news, and she even joined Song Menghwa in discussing the wedding details. Song Qingchun did not have the heart to rain on his parade.

Looking at the smile on her father's face when she told him she was getting married, Song Qingchun felt like the sun had returned to her world, and everything was going to be okay. Actually, this isn't so bad, is it? At least, in exchange for this hurtful decision, I'll be able to make the person who cares about me the most in this world the happiest he has ever been; it's really worth it, is it not?

Song Menghwa's surgery was a complete success. After he woke up from the anesthesia, the first thing he did was call Qin Yinan's parents.

At 9 pm that night, Qin Yinan and his parents arrived at the hospital. Qin Yinan's parents had watched Song Qingchun grow up and loved her like she was their own daughter. When they heard about the news, they were also beyond happy, not unlike Song Menghwa. The young couple was shoved to the side, and the parents started happily discussing the details of the wedding.

The three elders even brought out a calendar to look for a date with good Feng Shui. That date was December 12th. After deciding the date, the three elders started discussing the wedding venue and the like.

After they had decided practically everything, Song Menghwa finally turned to Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan, who had been ignored the whole night, and asked with a giant smile on his face, "Yinan, Qingchun, what do you think about having the wedding on the twelfth of December? It's still two months away, so there is enough time to prepare"

Qin Yinan's first reaction was to turn to look at Song Qingchun. After sensing his gaze on her, Song Qingchun smiled lightly and answered, "As long as Brother Yinan is fine with it, I'm fine with it."

Auntie Qin immediately swooped in on her son's behalf. "Of course, Yinan is fine with it. It's decided then, the wedding is on the twelfth of December!"

Uncle Qin, who had always been subservient to his wife, concurred, "Yes, the twelfth of December it is."

"Now that the date has been decided, what about the venue?" Song Menghwa asked. "We're considering Beijing Hotel, what do you two think of that?"

"As long as Song Song is okay with it," Qin Yinan replied.

"We'll leave it to you," Song Qingchun said. "We'll just follow what the parents decide."

Song Qingchun's last sentence was like a pill of assurance for the three elders. They took out pen and paper and started designing the wedding schedule without even asking the young couple for their opinions.

Song Qingchun sat to the side with a gentle smile on her face and listened to them quietly. Qin Yinan would occasionally chime in, but she remained completely silent throughout.

In fact, when their discussion reached its climax, she even turned her head to look out at the darkened sky, and her mind started to wander.