Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 647

Chapter 647: Exchanging Invitations (1)

Am I getting married just like that? I suppose I am Alas, the groom is not someone who I love.

That night, after Qin Yinan sent his parents home, he gave Song Qingchun a call. At the time, it was already late at night, so the hospital was quiet. Song Qingchun was afraid that the call might disturb other patients, so she hung up on Qin Yinan before shrugging into her jacket and heading toward the hospital's garden to give him a call back.

Song Qingchun chatted for a while with Qin Yinan. When Qin Yinan reached his own place and parked his car, his tone suddenly turned serious. "Song Song, I know you're marrying me because you're trying to make Uncle Song happy. If, God forbid, Uncle Song is no longer with us one day and you wish to get out of this marriage, you can talk to me anytime"

Song Qingchun did not expect that Qin Yinan would suddenly talk about such a serious topic. She gripped her phone tightly and was silent for a moment before saying, "Brother Yinan, after I marry you, I will treat the marriage seriously, don't worry. I will not disappoint you"

When she said the last sentence, Song Qingchun's eyes still became rimmed with redness. After a pause, she added, "But if you come across your true love, someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you can also tell me. I will return your happiness and the rest of your life back to you."

After ending the call with Qin Yinan, Song Qingchun was not in a hurry to get back to her father's room. She sat on the garden bench and allowed the chilly wind to ravage her body. She shivered uncontrollably as she raised her phone up to her eyes and entered a new entry in the calendar.

December 12thWedding.

After that, Song Qingchun looked at the date on the home page. It had only been ten days since she parted from Su Zhinian but it felt like those things that had happened with Su Zhinian were from her previous life.

Ever since her run-in with Su Zhinian at City Clubhouse ten days ago, they had not seen each other. Song Qingchun believed that the next time they met, her identity would be more than Song Qingchun, Song Menghwa's daughter, Song Empire's young miss, TW Station's anchorshe would have another new identity, Qin Yinan's fianc or wife

Song Qingchun tilted her head back and smiled to try to force the tears back into her skull. The glow reflected in her dark, shining eyes started to fade little by little.

This wedding for Song Qingchun was only a ritual, so she did not feel any happiness or anticipation; she just wanted it to be over with, so she asked for a simple ceremony. However, Song Menghwa refused. He said that he only had one daughter in his life, so his daughter's wedding had to be glorious and luxurious.

At the end of the day, Song Qingchun did not care, so she just went along with it.

As they prepared for the wedding, no one noticed that the bride did not really want to get married because she played the role so well. When they needed to book the venue, she asked for a holiday to go; when they were deciding the menu, she also asked for a holiday to attend; even with small details like invitations and wedding candies that could be left to the wedding planner, Song Qingchun specially asked for a holiday and spent the whole day at the shop browsing the selection.