Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 648

Chapter 648: Exchanging Invitations (2)

The invitations were separated into four piles to be filled out by different groups of people: Song Qingchun, Qin Yinan, Song Menghwa, and Qin Yinan's parents.

There were still one and a half months left to the wedding, but once Song Menghwa finished filling in his invitations, he could not wait to share this good news with others, so he had Uncle Zhang send them out as soon as possible.

Su Zhinian left the country for business. He stayed in America for almost a week before returning to Beijing. Su Zhinian went alone, but Cheng Qingchong knew his schedule, so she arrived early at the airport to fetch him. She brought along with her a bunch of emergency documents that needed his approval.

For some inexplicable reason, the traffic from the airport back to the city was extremely congested. This made Su Zhinian agitated sitting in the backseat, and his brain started to wander. Hoping to find something to do, he looked to the documents that Cheng Qingchong had brought and started to flip through them while the car idled in traffic.

It was almost an hour later when the traffic became more manageable. Su Zhinian put down the documents and massaged his eyes, which had gotten quite sore. He leaned against the seat with his eyes closed.

After several minutes, Cheng Qingchong asked, "CEO Su, back to the company or your home?"

After a fifteen-hour flight and a lack of a shower during those fifteen hours, Su Zhinian, who had a cleanliness compulsion, replied without missing a beat when he heard that question. "Home."

Since the day was still early, the traffic inside the city was smooth, so they soon arrived at Shining Light Residences. When the car passed through the gate, the security guard waved for the driver to stop. Cheng Qingchong rolled down the window, and the guard ran forward to ask, "Is Mr. Su in the car?"

Cheng Qingchong nodded, and before she could ask for more information, the guard ran back to his post and walked back with an envelope, which he passed through the window. "This is a delivery for Mr. Su; it has been here for days already."

"Thank you." Cheng Qingchong accepted it and smiled in appreciation. The guard was a young man who blushed slightly when he saw Cheng Qingchong's brilliant smile. He took a step back and pressed on the remote to open the gate.

The car started again. Before reaching Su Zhinian's bungalow, Cheng Qingchong turned around to give Su Zhinian the enveloped. "CEO Su, your mail."

Su Zhinian accepted it with a nod and then tossed it toward the pile of documents. The car rushed toward the residential area and soon arrived at Su Zhinian's home.

Before the driver came around to open the door for him, Su Zhinian got out on his own, grabbed the stack of documents into his arms, and walked into the house. He dropped the documents on his bed and started undressing as he walked into the bathroom.

After a warm bath, Su Zhinian felt refreshed. He put down some casual clothes and used the towel to dry his hair, which was still dripping, as he walked out of his closet.

When he walked past the bed, he seemed to remember something. He leaned over to pick up the delivery.

When he saw the name of the sender, his brows furrowed. Song Menghwa Why would Uncle Song send me a letter?

Su Zhinian thought about it as he tore the delivery open. Then a red-colored card fluttered out of the envelope and fell to the floor.