Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Her Honey His Venom 5
Chapter 65: Her Honey, His Venom (5)
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He was completely sane but was cooped up with a bunch of insane people. At the time, he really thought he was going insane. When his mother came to visit him, he would beg his mother to take him away with her, claiming that he was completely fine and those things he said about those people really did came from their hearts However, his explanation only made things worse

Inside the sanatorium, it was a middle-aged woman who took care of him. She was patient with him, and her eyes that fell on him were always full of love and kindness. When he was locked up in the sanatorium, he really started to form a reliance and trust toward her, but that was completely shattered one fateful night.

She climbed into his bed and tore away his clothes to fondle his body and kiss his skin Through her touch, he could read her real thoughts

He struggled as best as he could, but he was only an eight-year-old boy, it was impossible for him to overpower her. It was then that he found out he could control people's minds. He controlled the woman to get away from him, but his control barely lasted half a minute. As the woman came to, she charged at him again. As a last resort, he channeled his mind control ability to make the woman change direction and aim at the wall. She knocked into it at full force. After she fainted, so did he.

From then on, the woman stopped treating him kindly. She abused and insulted him day in and day out

It was then that he started to hate the world and stopped trusting people. He retreated into himself, despised female contact, and started to have irrational obsession with cleanliness In other words, his smile disappeared

It was also from then on that the fact that he had superpowers became his private secret.

It was two months after he left the sanatorium that he met her. At the time, she was only five. She was wearing a pretty princess-style dress, sucking on a lollipop that was bigger than her face and chatting with a man in a cap at the front of an alleyway.

The first person that she noticed was not her but the man in the cap. Before he approached her, he brushed by Su Zhinian's side, and through that brief and accidental contact, he knew the man was a human trafficker.

Even though he was standing quite far away, he could hear their conversation clearly. The man was telling her to follow him because he was going to buy her sweets. The girl nodded blankly with the lollipop stuck in her mouth.

At the time, he had already given up on the world. He knew she was going to be kidnapped, but he was going to walk away like it had nothing to do with him.

After a few steps, he heard someone calling him. "Big brother"

He turned around and realized it was her, pointing at a spot on the ground not far from him, saying, "Big brother, you forgot."

It was his wallet. He picked it up and looked at her. He did not want to owe her for her kindness, so he leaned into her and whispered, "He is a bad man. You will die if you follow him."

While he was close, he had a good look of her face; she looked like a real-life Barbie, incredibly cute. Her bright eyes stared directly at him as she licked on the lollipop. Her nonplussed face gave him a hard time telling whether she understood what he said or not.

However, it had nothing to do with him anymore; he had said what he wanted to say. When he prepared to leave, he heard the girl say in her childish voice to the man, "That big brother says you're a bad man, so I'm not going with you."