Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 650

Chapter 650: Exchanging Invitations (4)

He walked back to the fridge to take out another tomato. This time, he remembered to wash it first. However, the tomatoes that he put under the faucet were the ones that he had already cut. In the end, he only got sticky tomato juice on his fingers.

After dealing with the tomatoes, when he cracked the egg open, he dropped the shell into the bowl as well. He whipped the egg for a long time before he realized that the shells had become so small that it was impossible to take them out.

A simple tomato omelet took Su Zhinian about half an hour to cook. Even the noodles that he did was undercooked. He put the dishes down on the dining table and took a bite of the omelet and spat it out. He believed he had poured half of the bottle of salt into it. Frustrated, he tossed the dishes away and settled with a pack of instant noodles.

He only finished half of the bowl when his appetite left him. His hands that held the fork were shaking so hard that he eventually slammed the utensil onto the dining table, stood up, and headed back upstairs.

Su Zhinian's initial plan after landing was to return home, take a good bath, sleep for a bit, and continue with his work. However, after that failed dinner, the man who returned upstairs grabbed the documents off his bed and headed directly into his study instead.

Cheng Qingchong had brought him about ten documents, and some were about a hundred pages thick. Su Zhinian, who usually only skimmed through the important parts, sat before the table that day and read through them word by word like a good boy.

When he finished reading those documents, it was already 4 am. The sun was coming up soon, but the man still did not feel drowsy, or rather he did not want to give himself any chance to rest. He collected the documents, went back to his bedroom to change into his suit, and drove to the company. When he arrived, it was only 5 am.

Other than the night guard, the company was empty. Su Zhinian took the elevator to his office. The week he was away, the documents on his desk had piled up greatly.

By the time Cheng Qingchong arrived for work and was walking into Su Zhinian's office to go over his schedule, Su Zhinian had already finished reading through the documents on his table.

Big Boss usually takes over a week to finish the backlog after he comes back from his business trip, but this time, it has only taken him one night to finish them

Cheng Qingchong was dazed before she quickly suppressed her disbelief and surprise to discuss the schedule with Su Zhinian.

Usually, Su Zhinian would usually reply with a grunt whenever Cheng Qingchong went through his schedule, and then he would ask her to leave his office. However, this time, after she finished, Su Zhinian opened his palm to ask for the schedule from her.

He looked at the schedule for awhile before picking up his pen to draw on it. After some time, he handed the schedule back to Cheng Qingchong.

When she saw the edited schedule, she almost collapsed from shock. Su Zhinian's normal schedule was already quite packed, but he had added more work to his already full schedule. Based on the new schedule, he would not even have time to use the bathroom, much less eat.