Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 651

Chapter 651: Exchanging Invitations (5)

Cheng Qingchong looked at it for a while before peeping up from the schedule to look at Su Zhinian.

Usually at this time, Cheng Qingchong would remind Su Zhinian about the meeting that would happen in five minutes, but this time, she stammered, "CEO CEO Su, is this today's schedule"

Cheng Qingchong wanted to add "or the week's?" but she cleverly swallowed the rest of her question.

Su Zhinian nodded with ease. "Yes."

After a pause, he raised his eyes to ask, "Are there any problems?"

"No, of course not." Cheng Qingchong shook her head in a hurry. You're Big Boss; as long as you're happy, there's no problem.

Then she used a great amount of energy to pick up the hefty stack of documents off Su Zhinian's table and quickly retreated out of his office.

Cheng Qingchong thought this was because Su Zhinian wanted to catch up on the work he had missed while he was overseas. She thought that it would only last for a day, but she had no idea how wrong she was

When Su Zhinian was away from the company, the people in the company could not wait for him to come back because they needed his signature for many things, but after he returned, everyone wished that he would go on another business trip.

The man had gone insane. It was one thing for him to assign himself such a hectic lifestyle, but he forced the whole company to suffer with him. After the company finally caught up to the normal progress and when everyone thought they could finally catch a breath, Su Zhinian suddenly moved the project from next month forward. There were still many things that had not even begun with this project, so with this order from Su Zhinian, the workload of everyone at the company increased manyfold.

The whole company was filled with cries of complaints and despair. It was then that Cheng Qingchong, who had been by Su Zhinian's side for years, realized that there was something wrong with her big boss.

However, on the surface, Su Zhinian looked perfectly fine; he was strong and stable, fast and accurate when he was making decisions, and the working performance had increased several times. In fact, in just a week, the profits of ST Empire kept on risingeven the loss margin from previous years was seeing profit.

This kind of Su Zhinian seemed off to Cheng Qingchong, but she could not put her finger on why. The heavy workload eventually sent half of the company into the clinic or hospital after it was allowed to carry on for half a month.

However, Su Zhinian still showed no signs of slowing down. In fact, when he found out that the manager of the accounting department was in the hospital, he even kindly volunteered to take over his job.

Big Boss personally doing the accounting This news shocked the entire company and greatly confounded Cheng Qingchong. By this point, Cheng Qingchong had finally confirmed that her big boss was suffering from some kind of heavy trauma.

However, before Cheng Qingchong managed to find out what kind of trauma Su Zhinian had suffered, she found out why Su Zhinian had been working himself out so heavily lately.

It was a Saturday, an off-day technically, but she was still called out by Su Zhinian to go meet a client.

The meeting ended at 2:30 pm. Cheng Qingchong thought that Su Zhinian had other plans, so she was very surprised when he climbed into the car and said, "Go home."