Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 652

Chapter 652: Exchanging Invitations (6)

This answer was a pleasant surprise to Cheng Qingchong. These days, whenever she wanted to sit down to rest, Su Zhinian would approach her with more work. Beijing on Saturday was a traffic nightmare. In the afternoon, there were places that cars could not even move.

The place they were meeting the client happened to be in the center of the city, so the car had to stop every other minute. Even though ST Empire's workers had a high workload, the person who had the most work was actually Su Zhinian. The work he had taken on over the past half month was five times the workload of a normal worker.

As his personal assistant, Cheng Qingchong knew that Su Zhinian spent most of the nights sleeping at the company. He must have been incredibly tired from the work exhaustion; however, sitting in the car, he did not make use of the opportunity to close his eyes to rest like he usually would.

Perhaps because she too had been quite busy recently, she had not even had much time to observe him. Now, she looked at him quietly through the rear-view window and realized that the man had lost so much weight in the past fourteen days, there were heavy circles under both his eyes, and his whole presence radiated weakness and lethargy.

Even though she had been by his side for years, she would never tire of studying him. Actually, Cheng Qingchong was quite tired herself as well. She wanted to close her eyes to sleep, but she forced her eyes open to surreptitiously study Su Zhinian.

The car drove for about half an hour, and when it was about to pass Shin Kong Place, Su Zhinian suddenly widened his eyes and ordered, "Stop the car!"

The driver's grip shivered from the shock. He quickly turned the steering wheel and parked by the roadside. Su Zhinian stared forward wordlessly like he had something on his mind.

Since the car behind them could not move, they were honked constantly. Eventually, Cheng Qingchong could not help but ask, "CEO Su, what's wrong?"

Su Zhinian was like a human who had lost his soul, and he did not answer. The people from the car behind them even got out to walk over and knock on their car window. The driver apologized profusely to them.

Cheng Qingchong had no choice but to wave her hand before Su Zhinian's face while calling his name.

"CEO Su?"

Su Zhinian immediately recovered. Just as Cheng Qingchong was about to ask whether they should pass this traffic light and find a spot to park after that, Su Zhinian suddenly pushed the door open and got out.

Before he slammed the door close, Cheng Qingchong heard from Su Zhinian, "You two can go."

Cheng Qingchong stared at Su Zhinian walked across the road without turning to look at the oncoming traffic, and her heart welled with a bad omen. She struggled internally for a long time before asking the driver to let her out. She made to follow after Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian entered Shin Kong Place's mall through the back door. He looked about for a moment before moving toward the luxury department.

He stopped moving when he reached the elevator. Like a wooden puppet, he stood there, looking at a space about fifty meters before him.

Song Qingchun, in a pair of flats, was walking beside Qin Yinan, shoulder to shoulder. The girl without her heels was at least one head smaller than Qin Yinan.

Both of her hands were empty, but he was carrying many shopping bags of varying sizes.