Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 653

Chapter 653: Exchanging Invitations (7)

Despite the distance between them and the noise of the crowd, he could still hear their conversation clearly.

"We've bought the dress, the high heels, the bag, necklace and bracelet, what's left?" Song Qingchun paused slightly before continuing. "Right, engagement rings and wedding rings."

Rings Su Zhinian's body tensed, and the hands hanging by his sides gripped silently into fists.

"Since we're only inviting our close friends to the engagement party, why don't we skip the engagement rings and just go for the wedding rings?" Song Qingchun said in a manner of an enquiry as she turned to look at Qin Yinan.

Because of this, her attention was distracted, and she did not notice that someone was walking toward her. Afraid that she might bump into the other person, Qin Yinan reached out to grab her shoulder to pull her deeper into his arms, adding, "Since we're buying rings, why not both?"

Song Qingchun did not think much about it. She nodded and said, "Okay then."

"Tiffany or Charles Garnier?"

"Let's go look at both before we decide"

After that, Su Zhinian watched on as the happy couple walked into the Charles Garnier shop. The moment Su Zhinian accidentally heard Song Qingchun's voice, he knew that he was being a masochist by jumping out from his car. However, he could not stop himself as he wandered into the mall to seek them out and follow them. He even stood beyond the door and observed as she and Qin Yinan stood before the display, choosing their rings.

The lights in the store were bright, which practically put their facial expressions on display. Qin Yinan was still his usual gentle self. Whenever Song Qingchun's eyes lingered a bit longer on a ring, he would tell the salesgirl, "Do you mind taking this out for us to see?"

When Song Qingchun tried on the ring, the ray refracted by the diamond lit up her eyes and punctured his heart. They stayed in the store for about half an hour before they selected a beautiful pair of engagement rings.

Even from a distance, Su Zhinian still managed to catch a good look of that ring.

It was of the latest cut, elegant and exquisite. The diamond was big and slightly pink in color. It was prettier and more eye-catching than the ring he had prepared six years ago in preparation to propose to her.

Song Qingchun, however, did not seem to be able to find a wedding ring that she liked. After trying many on, she still shook her head. Then Su Zhinian heard her tell Qin Yinan, "How about we go to Tiffany?"

"Okay." Qin Yinan nodded as he pulled out his wallet and asked for the salesgirl to pack up the rings that Song Qingchun had selected.

When they turned to walk out of the Garnier store, Su Zhinian immediately jumped to hide behind a round pillar. One minute later, he could hear Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan walking past his hiding place.

It was not until their footsteps became very light that he dared slowly turn around to watch them walk into the Tiffany store.

They stopped even longer inside the Tiffany store. The salesgirl at Tiffany was more outgoing than the girl at Garnier. As she helped them with the selection, she chatted with them to help ease the mood. "Miss and Sir, when are you getting married?"