Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 654

Chapter 654: Exchanging Invitations (8)

"January 9th," Qin Yinan answered.

"Meaning it's only one month and a few days away What about the wedding? How are the preparations coming along?"

"Do you mind letting me see that? Thank you." Song Qingchun pointed at the display before replying to the salesgirl. "The preparations are almost complete."

The salesgirl placed the rings that Song Qingchun had selected on the glass top and said, "This pair is from our latest collection, called Golden Boy and Jade Girl. It's perfect for you two; the groom is handsome, and the bride is pretty, as the name suggests."

Song Qingchun smiled lightly but did not comment. She lowered her head to try on the ring. However, Qin Yinan asked with good humor, "You really think so?"

"Of course" The salesgirl continued to mumble, but it was lost on Su Zhinian's mind, which was stuck on the phrase "Golden Boy and Jade Girl".

Golden Boy and Jade Girl to describe a well-suited couple. What's the lower half of the original couplet?

Pair made in heaven Yes, Golden Boy and Jade Girl, pair made in heaven.

There was a knife that stabbed right into Su Zhinian's heart, causing the blood to drain from his face. It has been at least ten days since I received her wedding invitation Why is the pain still so intense?

Wasn't it not long ago when she came to the company to test my heart? Why is she suddenly marrying someone else? Then again, why am I being affected? This is the result I've been hoping for, isn't it?

It has always been my dearest wish for her to find a good man to lean on, to get married and give birth, to live a life of normalcy and happiness that many people wanted, hasn't it? Finally, it's happening before my eyes, so I should feel glad, shouldn't I?

Honestly, yes, he was glad, glad that the girl he had been protecting for all these years was finally taking the route to happiness, but the heart could not be reasoned with. What else could he do but watch the color drain from his world as the girl walked away from his life?

So many years ago, when he discovered the secret, he had already imagined this scene, and in his imagination, he was happy because the girl he loved was getting the happily-ever-after that he could not give her. But now, standing there in the air-conditioned mall, he was so devastated that he felt like crying.

Song Qingchun finally made her selection. When Qin Yinan got up to pay the bill, Su Zhinian felt the oxygen around him dispersing; he had such difficulty breathing that he felt like fainting right there and then. This time, he did not wait for them to walk out of the store before he turned around and left.

Cheng Qingchong stood at about twenty meters behind Su Zhinian. When she saw him, she also saw Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan who were ring-shopping.

Even though she did not have Su Zhinian's super-hearing, from the way Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan interacted in the jewelry stores, Cheng Qingchong was certain they were getting married soon.

So the reason Big Boss has been acting so weirdly these few days is because the woman he loves so deeply is going to be someone else's bride.

His heart must be weeping with pain. Just how Big Boss survived the news of Miss Song getting married is beyond my comprehension!

However, the biggest shock for Cheng Qingchong was Song Qingchun's groom; it was Mr. Qin!