Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 655

Chapter 655: Exchanging Invitations (9)

He was the man who had taken care of her when she found herself in a drunken and helpless state at Eldorado

Even though Cheng Qingchong could not see Su Zhinian's expression, she could detect the depression and devastation that formed a wall around his whole person. Her heart quivered with pain.

She really wanted to walk forward to give him a consoling hug, but she knew she could not. The only thing that she could do was stand there quietly to share in his pain.

When Su Zhinian started to move away, Cheng Qingchong made to follow.

Su Zhinian walked away at an incredible speed as if he was afraid that he might rush in to stop Song Qingchun if he did not escape from the scene quickly. This meant that Cheng Qingchong had to jog to keep up with him.

Su Zhinian was in such a rush that he was not paying attention when he walked out of Shin Kong Place and knocked into a trashcan. However, it was as if the man's pain receptors had completely died. He continued to rush to the street to call a taxi. He pulled the door open in a hurry and jumped in like he was trying to run away from something.

This was the first time in her life that Cheng Qingchong had witnessed this side of Su Zhinian. Her boss was the calmest, most stable, and most collected person she knew, but at this moment, he was as helpless and as flustered as a little boy lost in a dark, scary forest.

Cheng Qingchong could not help worrying about him, so she quickly hailed for a taxi to follow behind Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian returned to Shining Light Residences. Around a hundred meters from his bungalow, Cheng Qingchong got out from her car. She stood there and watched the man pay the driver and limp toward his home. She knew that this was because he had injured his leg from running into the trash can earlier.

However, due to her identity, she could not show herself to give him comfort even if she wanted to. She could only follow him quietly and watch him walk into the house.

Cheng Qingchong did not hurry to leave but stood quietly by the roadside, watching the bungalow. She knew, regardless of whether she stayed there or left for her home, he would not know, and it probably would not matter in any way to him. However, she just felt like staying to accompany the man.

Time trickled by slowly; the sun fell, and the moon rose. There was no light in the bungalow, as if no one was home. If not for the fact that Cheng Qingchong had personally seen Su Zhinian walk into the house, she would have suspected that the place was deserted.

Even though she did not know what he was up to in the darkness, she was certain that he must have been feeling very sad and melancholic.

Actually, Su Zhinian had not done anything after he returned to his house. He did not even change and just crawled into bed.

He closed his eyes and kept on telling himself to sleep because perhaps he might not feel so sad after he fell asleep. However, there was a certain kind of pain where the further you wanted to get away from it, the more acute the pain became. For the past half a month, his daily sleeping hours had been less than two hours. His body's exhaustion threshold was beyond a normal person's, but just like those earlier days, he simply could not make himself fall asleep.

Finally, he opened his eyes, and using the weak light from outside the window to stare at the ceiling, he counted the hours until the sun rose again.

What is the biggest pain in the world?

The biggest pain is me forcing you away so cruelly, and when you finally moved on, I'm still standing there unable to let you go, so glad and willing to play the role of a bystander in your life, which you'll never know about