Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 656

Chapter 656: Exchanging Invitations (10)

When Cheng Qingchong returned home, it was already 2 am. Even though she was not the one in love with Song Qingchun, she was unable to sleep due to Su Zhinian, who was in love with Song Qingchun. That whole weekend, she was not feeling herself.

Monday, Cheng Qingchong arrived at the company at 9 am. Cheng Qingchong thought the work schedule from the past half a month would continue and Su Zhinian would be at the company already, working his depression off. However, when she knocked on the door to his office, there was no reply from within. Big Boss didn't come to work today?

Cheng Qingchong walked back to her desk with confusion. She prepared the documents Su Zhinian would use for the 10 am meeting and brewed herself a cup of coffee. She booted up her computer to deal with some minor works, and it was not until 9.55 am that Su Zhinian finally showed himself.

In his usual black suit, white shirt, and gold cuff-links that glowed in the light, one could not detect a trace of sadness on the man.

Cheng Qingchong was dazed for a moment before standing up to greet him. "Good morning, CEO Su."

Su Zhinian nodded expressionlessly as he walked into his office. Cheng Qingchong carried the stack of documents and made to follow. Due to his earlier habits, nowadays, when Cheng Qingchong arranged his schedule, she would make it as full as possible. However, this time after she finished reporting on the schedule, Su Zhinian, who was on the computer reading through a report, did not ask for the schedule but commented lightly, "Cancel the meeting at 11 am, the client meeting at 3 pm, and the dinner meeting tonight. Also, slow down the progress for the YL project"

Su Zhinian's a few words had practically removed half of the entries on Cheng Qingchong's schedule. When Su Zhinian increased the schedule, she had been shocked, and now that he was decreasing it, she was equally shocked. Has Big Boss been so hurt by Miss Song that his brain is not working, or has he finally seen the light after a week? He's not using work to paralyze himself anymore?

However, this was not the most surprising thing; that happened during the morning meeting. When the sales manager committed a mistake that even Su Zhinian at his best of mood would not forgive, this time, he merely commented, "Be more careful next time."

Then he letting the mistake go.

When the shaking sales manager came to Cheng Qingchong to ask if he was going to get fired, Cheng Qingchong herself felt like she was in a dream. In fact, during lunch break, Su Zhinian returned to his old habit of leaning against his office chair and closed his eyes to rest for twenty minutes.

If not for the fact that Cheng Qingchong had personally witnessed how devastated Su Zhinian had been that Saturday afternoon, she would have thought that the scenes she saw that day were merely a mirage.

This was because the pictures of Song Qingchun and Qin Yinan ring-shopping not only did not mess up Su Zhinian's life but instead fixed him back to a life of normalcy.

Ever since that Monday, Su Zhinian stopped overworking himself like crazy. Other than the occasional overtime, he came to and left work on time. He would also go out with Tang Nuo when he had the time.