Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 658

Chapter 658: Single for Life (2)

However, Song Qingchun had no idea that it was not a coincidence. Su Zhinian knew beforehand that she was taking the pictures at Red Garden's Meilin, so he also decided to have his business meeting there.

The date and venue of Song Qingchun photoshoot, Su Zhinian had heard about from his mother. The main reason Auntie Su had brought that up was because she wanted to find out more about this girl that he loved.

Since he had work that weekend, he visited his mother earlier in the week on a Wednesday. When he arrived at his mother's place, Auntie Su had just come back from the city. She was pleasantly surprised to see him and hurried alongside the maid to prepare a scrumptious dinner for him.

During dinner, Auntie Su suddenly told him, like she had just remembered something, "I just came from back from the hospital today."

He was shocked and quickly turned around to ask, "Are you not feeling well?"

"No, it's not that" His mother seemed to hesitate before adding, "I was there to visit your Uncle Song."

The shock fell from his face, and he nodded matter-of-factly. His mother put a piece of chicken on his plate. "I heard about his sickness while I was playing mah-jongg with my friends. They told me it was serious. After all, I've known him for years, and when I was sick, he even volunteered to take care of you, so in any case, I had to visit him."

Su Zhinian nodded in agreement.

His mother seemed to be hesitating. She stared at his face like there were words on her lips, but she did not know how to begin.

Even though she did not voice it out loud, he understood what she was going to say. Regardless, she continued. "Ah Nian, your Uncle Song has always treated you well. When you're free, you should go visit him."

Su Zhinian took a bite of the rice and nodded slowly. "Okay."

His mother then broke into a smile. The conversation ceased for a moment before his mother picked up the thread of conversation. "By the way, when I went to pay your Uncle Song a visit, I heard from him that Qingchun is getting married. He said that he has mailed you an invitation. He wants you to bring me along to the ceremony, is there such a thing?"

Su Zhinian replied with another nod.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Auntie complained lightly before adding, "I hear from your Uncle Song that Qingchun's wedding preparations are coming along nicely. They're going to have the wedding photoshoot tomorrow afternoon at Meilin. The only thing that's lacking is the wedding dress. The wedding planner has booked a famous French designer, but they have been having some difficulty fixing the time"

Auntie Su continued excitedly. Laced between each word was envy. Su Zhinian did not say a word in response. He merely sipped his ginger soup quietly.

His mother eventually sighed and said, "Qingchun is three years younger than you, and she's already getting married. Look at you, why isn't there any progress on your end?"

Then, his mother leaned in to say, "Zhinian, tell your mother, how is your relationship with the girl that you love coming along?"

That girl that you love The phrase was like an axe, splitting his guard right in two.

Su Zhinian placed the soup bowl down on the table in a hurry, stood up, and said, "I have to use the bathroom."

As he escaped the scene, he heard his mother sigh from behind him. "When will that boy change? Always so evasive when it comes to the topic of marriage."