Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 659

Chapter 659: Single for Life (3)

Su Zhinian did not slow down but move even faster. He shoved the bathroom door open. Leaning against the sink counter, he closed his eyes and stayed quiet for two seconds before turning on the faucet to splash his face with water.

Su Zhinian raised his head to look at his face in the mirror, which was dripping with water, and his eyes started to redden.

Indeed How is the progress with the girl that I love? What progress can there be but a loss of contact since she is going to be someone else's wife soon?

Sometimes, the speaker's intention might not match the message the listener heart, and some things are not hard to find out.

After leaving his mother's place that night, the first thing Su Zhinian did was make a call. In just a few words, he managed to find the identity of the designer Song Qingchun was trying to make an appointment with.

Su Zhinian was not familiar with this famous fashion designer, but he had business relations overseas that he could use. He made a few international calls to get the contact information of the French designer. Then, he called the designer in person to discuss Song Qingchun's wedding dress.

After hanging up, Su Zhinian clicked Song Qingchun's name and wanted to give her a call. However, he thought about it. Since he did not know how to explain the situation to her, he decided to change the destination of his business meeting tomorrow to manipulate a chance encounter.

However, even so, the encounter between Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun was still too much of a coincidence.

His car just arrived at Red Garden, and he had just taken a few steps when he saw Song Qingchun in a white dress and a few people dragging the long train walk out from the church not far away.

She did not notice him and turned the other way. However, the man stood as if frozen.

Cheng Qingchong was confused by Su Zhinian's sudden lack of movement. She had just called out, "CEO Su," when she followed his gaze and saw Song Qingchun's back. The rest of her question was stuck in her throat.

Even after Song Qingchun's figure had long since disappeared around the corner, Su Zhinian was still standing there, staring in that direction.

Cheng Qingchong did not interrupt him but stood there by his side quietly. It was not until the business partner got impatient waiting for them and called her on the phone that Su Zhinian pulled his gaze back.

Just like changing scenes in a movie, Su Zhinian's originally sad face suddenly turned back to its usual nonchalance like he had seen nothing and nothing had happened. He took strides into the meeting room.

During the meeting, Su Zhinian found himself unable to concentrate. His gaze kept drifting out the window toward the direction of Red Garden. Even though all he could see was the surface of the lake, he still managed to hear the snippets of the photographer's commands interlaced with the flashing sound of the camera.

"Yes, come closer, good, good"

"The groom hugs the bride's waist Look natural a bit Good"

"The bride, I need you to stand on your toes to pretend like you're going to give the groom a kiss Yes, yes, perfect"

Song Qingchun had not worn contacts for a long time, and she had forgotten to bring her eye droplets. Her eyes became quite agitated as the photoshoot went on.