Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Her Honey His Venom 6
Chapter 66: Her Honey, His Venom (6)
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He instantly stopped moving and turned around to have that man glare viciously at him before addressing the girl with a plastered smile. "How can I be a bad person? Would a bad person buy you sweets?"

"But that big brother is so pretty; he would not lie to me." When she said that, she even lifted her finger to point at him. The tip of her finger happened to touch him, and he could read the pure and simple trust she had for him in her heart.

His own mother had a hard time trusting him, and yet a stranger girl gave it to him so easily

"Big Brother says you're a bad man, so you have to be a bad man," the girl stressed repeatedly, but his mind was no longer there. At last, she concluded with finality, "You are a bad man!"

As if to stress her point, she bit down hard on the lollipop and the circular lollipop that was larger than her face cracked into pieces and fell all over the floor.

The girl squatted immediately, looked at the dust covered candy pieces and started to wail. Her crying was so intense that it attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Perhaps feeling guilty, the man in the cap quickly escaped the scene.

Su Zhinian took the girl to the nearby market and used all of his allowance in his wallet to buy two lollipops that were bigger than her face before she turned her tears into smiles.

She left the market with a lollipop in each hand. She would lick the one on her left and then the one on her right. She was having the time of her life while his thoughts were still stuck on the scenes from earlier, when she had placed her full trust in him.

The little girl was overjoyed from getting two lollipops. She raised one that she had licked before to the side of his mouth and said, "Big Brother, here."

The girl's eyes that looked at him were full of glittering anticipation. He, who had a cleanliness obsession and aversion to females, hesitated for a long time, but in the end, surprising even himself, he leaned down to lick the lollipop.

The girl laughed happily as she reached for the lollipop he had touched and started licking it again. He looked at her and was lost for about two seconds before quickly averting his gaze as a red hue burned his face.

"Big Brother, will you remember me?"

"Big Brother, are we friends now?"

"Big Brother, will you come play with me in the future?"

"Big Brother, I will remember you."

She said many things on the way back to the alleyway while he was completely silent. Finally, he only asked her one thing, "What's your name?"

With both lollipops raised, she stared at him blankly. At the time, he wondered if the girl could be ditzy enough to not remember her own name.

Then he heard her say, "My name is Tingting, Song Tingting."

Song Tingting

She was the first person in the world to believe him. The only person who had given him warmth in his most despairing moment.

Since then, the girl by the name of Tingting had a special place in his heart. He had returned to that alleyway many times, hoping to run into her again, but it never happened.

The angel-like girl in the princess-style dress with sweet tooth was like a dream that he had.

He spent the rest of his life searching for her, from his primary school to junior high, from junior high to high school. It became his belief in life; he was not going to give up on the search.

When he saw her again, it was ten years later. At the time, he had to switch school because his mother had fallen ill.

Even after ten years, when he first saw her at school, he could tell immediately that this was the girl from his memory, the girl he was looking for.

He stood under the school's blossoming Chinese parasol tree, watching her as she and her friends walked past him, chatting among themselves without stopping.