Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 661

Chapter 661: Single for Life (5)

She did not know if the uncertainty in his voice was because Su Zhinian happened to see her back but was unsure it was her or if he himself was hesitant to talk to her.

Song Qingchun stopped moving instinctively. She did not turn around, but her hands that gripped the dress tightened intensely.

Why did he call me? There's no relationship between us anymore, isn't there?

Song Qingchun stretched her lips and was prepared to walk away, acting like she did not hear him when Su Zhinian behind her once again called her name and walked to stand before her, to block her way, adding, "It is really you"

Song Qingchun was flustered and did not know how to respond to his greeting. Su Zhinian, who was usually stingy with his words, stared at her made-up face and asked as if on purpose, "Here to take the wedding photos?"

Song Qingchun rearranged her facial expression, nodded slightly, and replied with a soft "Hmm".

Su Zhinian did not respond verbally but continued to stare at her. When he saw her as he arrived at Red Garden, his heart had wrenched with pain from the girl's devastating beauty in a white dress. When he stood so close to take a look, she was even more beautiful than he could ever have imagined.

Su Zhinian's grip tightened on his phone before he cleared his throat and forced his eyes to move away. Then he asked some common question like "How's the wedding preparation coming along?"

"Hmm" Song Qingchun continued to "hmm" before adding, "Yes, it's going swell."

"Okay." Su Zhinian's gaze flew to settle on the glass window beside her. He stared at the dried grass outside the window, and his gaze wavered.

Song Qingchun stood there for a while. When she realized that he did not seem like he had anything else to say, she prepared to find an excuse to leave. However, Su Zhinian suddenly spoke again in a tone that sounded like he was talking to himself. "The wedding date is 9th next month?"

Song Qingchun nodded, but this time she responded in a way that was more natural than before. She smiled politely like she had met an old friend and said, "Yes, you've received the invitation, right? If you have time on that day, you have to come."

Su Zhinian responded with an equally polite smile. Similar to her, he replied in a tone befitting a pair of old friends. "Of course."

This time, Song Qingchun did not linger. She cut straight to the point. "Well then, I'll see you there."

"Okay." Su Zhinian nodded awkwardly as he moved out of Song Qingchun's way.

Song Qingchun did not show any signs like she wanted to stay any longer. She picked up her dress and moved forward. When she brushed past him, he suddenly said, "Oh, by the way"

Song Qingchun did not say anything but turned her head to look at Su Zhinian.

However, Su Zhinian did not dare to look her in the eyes. He lowered his head, pulled out his phone, and sent a number right to her phone. Then, he explained in a nonchalant tone, "Two days ago, when I was having dinner with my mother, she said that you've been trying to contact Tony to make the wedding dress. I happen to know him through a friend. I've informed him about your wedding. The number I just sent you is his direct line, so you can call and discuss the details of the dress with him."