Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 664

Chapter 664: Single for Life (8)

Su Zhinian had always thought that he was a mentally strong person, and as such, he had believed that he could survive the news of her marriage; he had believed that he could attend her wedding with smile; he had believed that he could greet Qin Yinan and Song Qingchun in person and congratulate them on their union.

However those were just his beliefs.

In the end, he realized, he was not as strong as he had believed. If anything, he found himself to be quite fragile.

He could not even survive the news of her marriage much less attending her wedding in person.

All this while he had been trying his best not to fixate on her marriage, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not escape the news. The news of her wedding was practically on the lips of everyone he met, including even his own mother.

He knew he should not have manipulated that chance encounter, but his heart had won out in the end. When he saw her in the wedding gown, his world had shattered into a million pieces. After Cheng Qingchong left, he had pulled out all the presents that he had bought her over the years and opened them up one by one. The memories from the past had gradually flooded his mind.

He had searched her for ten years. The night he had lost sleep over her, he wrote down a statement: "The most heart-breaking moment in the world is when I've been looking for you, but you have already forgotten me."

From then on, he had made a silent wish deep down in his heart. I've expended three lifetimes to find you, and now, I will use another to make you my wife.

Yes before finding her, the biggest driving force of his life had been to relocate the girl he had met when he was eight. After finding her, that driving force had changed to become making her his wife

Making her his wife

Making her his wife

Making her his wife

However, the girl he had been trying to marry as his wife was going to marry someone else in another twenty days.

Finally, he could hold it in no longer. He raised his hand to hold his forehead, and with his shoulders shivering, he started to weep. The wheel of fate kept on turning slowly but surely. He was not even given the chance to pursue his dream, but she had already become the love that he could not touch in his life.

However, she was his only love; he would love her but no one else. Why couldn't he love her?

She was going to marry someone else soon, living the life of happiness that she deserved, but what about him?

Indeed, what about him? Die alone? Without an heir? Give up already?

Su Zhinian collapsed onto the table, and his shoulder shook ever harder. There were mumbled voices coming out from his lips. They were desperate calls of her name.





Cheng Qingchong realized that something was off on the third day after she ran into his vulnerable moment. It was a Tuesday, but Su Zhinian did not show himself at work even though it was almost noon.

There was an important client to meet that afternoon, but even though Cheng Qingchong had made many calls to Su Zhinian, there was no answer. Finally, Cheng Qingchong could only apologize profusely to the client with a drawn face.

Using the lunch break, Cheng Qingchong rushed over to Su Zhinian's house. She pressed on the door bell for a long time, but there was no answer. It was eventually the security guard who came to inform her that Su Zhinian had left Shining Light Residences early in the morning.

Cheng Qingchong had a bad feeling. As she hailed a cab to rush back to the company, she kept on calling Su Zhinian. When she stepped into the company lobby, she finally received a call back from Su Zhinian. He wanted her to go to his office to collect a document.