Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 665

Chapter 665: Single for Life (9)

The document was on Su Zhinian's table, and when Cheng Qingchong picked it up, her gaze accidentally swept over the thing underneath it.

The color drained from her face. It was a letter of resignation.

Even though Cheng Qingchong did not open the letter to look through the content, based on the three words on the cover, it was enough for her to know that the letter was written by Su Zhinian.

ST Empire was built from the ground up by the man, but now he is handing in his letter of resignation This means that he is going to step down from his post as the CEO but retain his shares and observe from the side-lines. But ST Empire has grown so much under his leadership, why would he suddenly choose to let go?

Cheng Qingchong held the plane ticket in her fingers, which started to shake. As if suddenly realizing something, she grabbed the phone on Su Zhinian's table and made a call to the airlines.

Cheng Qingchong always helped Su Zhinian book his plane ticket and hotel, so she was familiar with his identity card number. After giving the number to the airlines, she was told Su Zhinian only booked a single-trip ticket; there was no return ticket.

Big Boss' journeys overseas have always been pre-arranged. Therefore, a round-trip ticket is booked everytime. But this time, there is only a single ticket going to America. Also, this letter of resignation

Cheng Qingchong was suddenly reminded of the favor Su Zhinian asked her to do that Saturday, to attend Song Qingchun's wedding on his behalf and to present the happy couple with the present and red envelope.

Could it be that Big Boss does not plan to return?

It was then that Cheng Qingchong realized this man whom the outside world described as flawless also had a cowardly side to him.

Ever since he received the news about Miss Song's wedding, he had appeared so calm and collected on the surface. No matter who brought up the details of the wedding, he would join in with an unaffected tone like Miss Song's wedding had nothing to do with him. At those times, he affected such an unconcerned air, but in reality, he cared about it more than anybody else.

However, instead of saying he was trying to trick the world, it was truer that he was trying to trick himself. He thought by pretending not to care about it, he could spare himself the heartache, but in the end, he could not outrun his heart. He did not have the courage to see Miss Song marry someone else, so he chose to escape, to run, to be a deserter.

That was better than facing the truth.

The phone on the table rang once more. It was from Su Zhinian, calling to find out whether Cheng Qingchong had located the document.

Cheng Qingchong steadied her emotions and answered, "I have."

After hanging up, she grabbed the document along with Su Zhinian's letter of resignation and plane ticket.

When she arrived at the meeting hall, Cheng Qingchong spotted him easily. He stood out in the crowd with his presence that spoke of his great prowess and ability; there was not a trace of weakness observable on the man.

Su Zhinian accepted the document and started discussing the business with the people in the room.

Cheng Qingchong did not disturb him and retreated from the room, closing the door silently behind her.

It was 3 pm when Su Zhinian exited the building. When he picked out the car key and saw Cheng Qingchong standing beside his car, his expression was one of shock before he stopped and asked lightly, "Why aren't you back at the company?"