Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 667

Chapter 667: The Person He Likes Is You (1)

The street lights softened Song Qingchun's features. Qin Yinan's eyes glistened, reflecting the lights. Perhaps it was the bit of alcohol he had during dinner, or perhaps he simply wanted to see her reaction, but he suddenly leaned in toward her face.

His action startled Song Qingchun.

After all, I'm going to marry Brother Yinan in twenty days I'm is already his fianc, and I've said that I will not ask for a divorce after I marry him. Even if Brother Yinan does not plan to spend the rest of his life with me, even if Brother Yinan might ask for a divorce down the line, I am supposed to adapt to my wifely duties after we get married, right? Duties like bearing his children

Brother Yinan is already giving up a lot by agreeing to marry me; I couldn't possibly be so selfish as to not perform the expected wifely duties, right?

Many thoughts flashed through Song Qingchun's mind as Qin Yinan leaned in. In the end, she closed to slowly close her eyes.

She could clearly sense the distance between them closing. Her heart started to beat faster, and there as a feeling of repulsion rising within her that made her want to wish him away. She tried her best to stay her body, but when Qin Yinan's lips almost touched hers, she still could not help herself from pulling her face away.

She understood what she was supposed to do, but she could not bring herself to submit to it. Even if that man had cut all ties from her and she was free to marry another man, she still could not imagine herself being intimate with another man.

Qin Yinan's lips hung awkwardly in mid-air. The atmosphere in the car suddenly tensed with awkwardness.

Song Qingchun reached for her purse just to find something to do. She struggled for a long time and was about to apologize to Qin Yinan, but then Qin Yinan suddenly reached forward to lean into her ear to carefully examine it. Then, he moved his hand to rub at the edge of her ear, saying with a certain degree of helplessness, "Just how did you eat that you managed to get crumbs around your ears? I've been looking at it for such a long time, wondering what those things are."

Song Qingchun knew this was Qin Yinan giving her a way out. She was really appreciative of his kindness, but on the surface, she still pouted as if really angry that he would point something like that out.

Qin Yinan chuckled twice before using his hand to pat her lightly on her head. Then he leaned back in the driver's seat, saying, "Okay, it's getting late. You're not feeling so well, right? So go take a bath and rest."

"Goodbye, Brother Yinan." Song Qingchun undid the seatbelt, got out, and waved at Qin Yinan. It was not until Qin Yinan bade her farewell that she closed the door, turned around, and headed into the house.

Qin Yinan sat in his car and waited until the lights came on in Song Qingchun's bedroom before he turned the steering wheel and drove away.

A car had been parked on the road just in front of the Song family's home for ten minutes. Neither Song Qingchun nor Qin Yinan noticed that there was a person standing behind the nearby tree.

Tang Nuan had to log into QQ, which she had not used for a long time, to send an email.

There were plenty of chat boxes that popped up. Tang Nuo scanned all of them briefly and was about to exit QQ when she saw the mention of her name within her university friends' chat group.

She only clicked into it because she had nothing better to do. Then she saw the sentence "I always believed that Qin Yinan would marry Tang Nuan."