Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 668

Chapter 668: The Person He Likes Is You (2)

The sentence truly stunned her. Before she even recovered, she saw the same person make another comment. "Who would have thought he would end up marrying Song Qingchun?"

End up marrying Song Qingchun? What is the meaning of this?

Tang Nuan blinked with disbelief as the chat continued to fill up with comments.

"Yes, I'm surprised by that, too, but it has to be true; I mean, even the wedding invitations have been sent."

"Today is the 23rd already. It's not long until the date of their wedding."

"Sigh, once upon a time, Qin Yinan treated Tang Nuan like she was his princess"

"Indeed, it was as if the man was afraid Tang Nuan would slip through his fingers"

After the humiliation Su Zhinian gave her at the dinner meeting, causing such shame to CEO Huang. CEO Huang had ignored her for a long time. It was not until he saw her again at Eldorado in her best get-up that he pleaded and begged for her to follow him back to his place. The first conflict between Tang Nuan and CEO Huang had ended just like that. CEO Huang lavished her like he used to. Money, make-up, and bags kept coming her way.

However, unlike before, she no longer felt any joy looking at these gifts.

She even found herself subconsciously comparing CEO Huang and Qin Yinan.

For example, whenever it was her time of the month, Qin Yinan would always prepare a cup of ginger tea for her, while CEO Huang would leave her to her own devices since they could not have sex.Whenever she felt like cooking, Qin Yinan would join her in the kitchen, while CEO Huang would complain about her cooking. Whenever she felt tired from a long day of work, Qin Yinan would volunteer to massage her feet, while CEO Huang only thought she was being annoying.

The more she made these comparisons, the more she missed the days she had shared with Qin Yinan. Over the past few months, she had been considering finding Qin Yinan, but her pride and arrogance had prevented her from doing so.

Until today when she suddenly received the news that he was getting married.

It was like she was struck by lightning. She sat like a dummy at her work desk, and after work, she wandered the streets like soulless bag of bones. For some inexplicable reason, when she came to, she was already standing before Song Qingchun's house.

When she saw the scene between him and her inside the car, she could see the world around her collapsing, and darkness overwhelmed what was left of her world.

Tang Nuan stared at Qin Yinan's car that was driving further and further away. With a grit of her teeth, she turned to glare at Song Qingchun's house with resentment before rushing to the side of the road to hail a cab. She jumped into the car and had the driver follow Qin Yinan's car.

After Qin Yinan drove into the underground parking lot of his building, Tang Nuan paid the driver in a hurry before jumping out of the taxi.

When Tang Nuan exited the elevator, Qin Yinan was in the middle of looking for his key. Before she even had the chance to catch her breath, she screamed, "Qin Yinan!"

Qin Yinan was startled, and he stopped moving. His head slowly turned around, and when he saw her, the warmth in his eyes faded considerably.