Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 669

Chapter 669: The Person He Likes Is You (3)

"Qin Yinan" Tang Nuan called Qin Yinan's name one more time in a voice that she did not realize was shaking. She demanded, "You're getting married to Song Qingchun?"

Qin Yinan put his key away and openly nodded without hesitation at Tang Nuan. "Yes."

After a short pause, he even contributed the date. "The ninth, next month."

Tang Nuan was unable to tell whether it was regret or some other kind of emotions swirling in her chest but her breath became quite uneasy. "Why are you marrying her?"

Qin Yinan tipped his lips up into a smirk. He turned his head back as if using his action to tell her the two sentences he had just given her was already the extent of his patience. He inserted the key and continued to open the door like she was not even there.

Qin Yinan was pushing the door open when Tang Nuan suddenly rushed forward to grab his arm. The girl, who always had a haughty attitude around him, softened her tone for the first time as she begged, "Yinan, can you please not marry her?"

Qin Yinan did not answer her but used his hand to pry her grasp off him. Tang Nuan held on like her life depended on it. However, her fingers were slowly removed one after another by Qin Yinan. She lost her last bit of composure and pleaded with desperation, "Let's not break up, okay? Let's get back together, Yinan. Let's get back together"

This sentence lit up Qin Yinan's fury like oil to fire. He suddenly increased his force as he shoved Tang Nuan away. Then, he walked into his home and slammed the door heavily behind him.

Tang Nuan stared at the closed door before rushing forward to slam on it repeatedly like she had gone crazily. However, no matter the amount of fuss that she made, even if she had woken his neighbors up, Qin Yinan, who obviously was inside, ignored her like he could not even hear her. Tang Nuan, exhausted, finally slid to the floor. Hugging her knees, she started to cry softly.

The longer she cried, the greater the imbalance in her heart. At one point, she suddenly sprung up on her feet like she had just remembered something. She rushed toward the stairwell and exited Qin Yinan's apartment building.

When Tang Nuan reached home, she started rummaging through her house. Her house was practically a den of chaos before she finally found the little bottle that woman gave her. Yes, she had kept the bottle in her house all that while because she could not summon the courage to really poison Song Qingchun. She hated Song Qingchun to her core, but when she had to really kill her, she found herself unable to take the first step. However, now, everything had changed. She needed to kill Song Qingchun because only by having Song Qingchun dead would Qin Yinan not marry her.

After returning to her bedroom, Song Qingchun tossed her bag to the side. When she was about to enter the bathroom to take a shower and remove her make-up, the phone in her bag rang.

Song Qingchun assumed it was Qin Yinan who had called to inform her that she had left something in his car. However, when she picked up the phone and saw the caller ID, the expression on her face froze with shock.

She stood there for so long that the call eventually ended. However, the other person did not give up and kept on calling.

Song Qingchun came to, and the first thing she did was to switch the phone to silent. She did not want to be harassed by it after she tossed it onto the bed and walked into the bathroom.

When she came out of the bathroom, the display of her phone was still flickering, a sign that the person was still calling her.