Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Her Honey His Venom 7
Chapter 67: Her Honey, His Venom (7)
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He waited until they had put some distance between them before he turned about to look at her back. She had grown into such a gorgeous young woman.

In the years he had spent searching for her, he had tried imagining how she would look as she grew older, but to his surprise, she was even prettier than he had imagined her to be.

He had a habit of writing in a dairy, and when he returned that day, the entry was filled with his passionate and excited emotions from finding her.

From then on, when he was at school, he would search for her voice and followed her movements. His dairy was filled with entries about her.

Her name was Song Qingchun, a sophomore, the biological sister to Song Cheng from his next class. He assumed her full name was Song Qingchun and pet name was probably Tingting.

She came from a good family background and was pretty. Thus, she had many pursuers; however, no matter how impressive they were, she rejected them all.

After distancing himself from human contact for so long, he had forgotten how to communicate normally with people. There were many times when he wanted to initiate conversation with her, but he did not know how to.

One day, he saw her waiting alone outside the school gate, looking about as if waiting for someone. He studied her from afar for quite some time, and a bravery that came from nowhere suddenly compelled him to walk toward her and greeted her.


She raised her eyes to look at him. In her eyes were the combination of reservation and caution reserved for strangers. "Yes, how can I help you?"

He stared unblinkingly at her for quite some time before opening his lips to ask, "Is your name Tingting?"

"Tingting?" She frowned and then shook her head. "I'm sorry, senior, you might be mistaken; my name is not Tingting."

Impossible Even though it had been almost a decade and many things had changed, he was dead certain this was the little girl who had claimed confidently, "That big brother says you're a bad man, so I'm not going with you."

He stared intensely at her and was about to continue when she suddenly raised her hand and started to wave, yelling, "Brother Yinan, I'm here!"

As she walked past him, he grabbed her arm. Before he could say anything, she explained, "Senior, my name is really not Tingting. You have got the wrong person; my name is Song Qingchun."

Before waiting for him to respond, she extricated her arm from his grasp and dashed across the street.

The brief contact let him into her inner thoughts. Who is this? And who is Tingting? A girl who looks like me?

He stood there for quite a long time, and when he turned around, she had already hopped onto a boy's motorcycle and sped away.

The joy from having found her turned immediately into disappointment. He returned home that day with a drawn face. He hid himself in his bedroom before even having dinner. His pen hovered over the open diary for a long time. Finally, he only wrote one sentence: The most heart-breaking feeling in the world is when I've been looking for you, but you have already forgotten me.

That night he had a hard time sleeping. He tossed and turned in his bed until the next morning when he finally realized the thing that had been keeping him up. Before brushing his teeth, he went to his study table and flipped open his diary to make another entry: I seemed to have fallen in love with the girl who I have spent a decade searching for.

Probably from that moment onward, a dream was buried in his heart. This dream was written down in that same diary entry: I've expended three lifetimes to find you, and now I will use another to make you my wife.