Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 671

Chapter 671: The Person He Likes Is You (5)

Then, Cheng Qingchong added, "Thank you."

Song Qingchun did not acknowledge it. Her face was still as expressionless as before. After closing the gate, she walked toward the Starbucks. The distance between Song Qingchun and Cheng Qingchong was about two meters wide. On the way there, each ruminated on their own thoughts silently, and neither made an attempt to converse with the other.

The worker at the Starbucks recognized Song Qingchun because she was a regular costumer. When he saw her walk in, he went forward to greet her. "Miss Song, why are you here so late at night?"

"Something came up." Song Qingchun smiled politely as she sought out a place to sit. Cheng Qingchong took the seat across from her.

Song Qingchun still had not said a word to her. She pulled out the menu and passed it to Cheng Qingchong before turning to tell the worker, "The usual for me."

Before Song Qingchun finished the order, the worker already started to write it down. "Vanilla coffee."

Cheng Qingchong ordered Lemon Tea. The worker left with their order and returned to the counter to prepare. Since it was already quite late and they were inside a residential area, the place was almost empty. The audio was playing a song by Eason Chan.

Song Qingchun realized that Cheng Qingchong did not seem like she was going to talk any time soon, but she did not urge her. Instead, she started to space out, staring at a picture hanging on the wall. Cheng Qingchong, who sat across from her, stared at her profile, deep in thought.

It was not until the worker served their orders that Song Qingchun pulled her attention back. She used the spoon to slowly stir the coffee before picking it up to take a small sip. She put the cup down, looked at Cheng Qingchong, and asked, "Miss Song, what do you want to discuss with me?"

The cup of lemon tea was already beside her lips, but when Cheng Qingchong heard Song Qingchun, she put the cup down without taking a sip. She smiled slightly before saying, "Miss Song, I'm sorry for disturbing you when it's already so late at night."

Song Qingchun's lips twitched. She almost said that it was okay, but she did not because after all, it was indeed quite rude of her to have imposed on her privacy. She was Su Zhinian's secretary, and they only knew each other through him; they really could not be considered friends.

Both women were silent for a moment before Cheng Qingchong cut right to the main topic. "Miss Song, I hear you're marrying Mr. Qin on the 9th next month."

Three days ago, Su Zhinian had asked her the same question, and now, three days later, his secretary had come to repeat it. Song Qingchun was dazed because nodding slightly. Just as she replied to Su Zhinian, she answered with a "hmm".

Cheng Qingchong had thought about it a long time before coming to find Song Qingchun. She knew Su Zhinian that really hated it when someone intervened in his personal life. She also understood that by approaching Song Qingchun, her days at ST Empire would be numbered.

All these years, she had been so careful while staying by his side to not step on a landmine lest she was chased way, but now, she really could not hold back anymore. All this while, she had personally seen how miserable he was. In fact, he was going to leave by his lonesome self.