Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 673

Chapter 673: The Person He Likes Is You (7)

Cheng Qingchun saw the incredulity on Song Qingchun's face, and she quickly raise her palm to swear. "Miss Song, I swear that every word that I've said is true. If you don't believe me Also, the name your number is saved in CEO Su's phone as the person hiding in my memory; I saw that myself"

Person hiding in my memory She had seen this screen name on his phone before, but she had no idea what that represented or whose number it was. Song Qingchun could not help but raise her eyes to look at Cheng Qingchong.

This reaction from Song Qingchun revived the light of hope in Cheng Qingchong's heart. Her tone was getting more excited because she believed she was starting to convince her. "Miss Song, from the first day I joined ST Empire, I knew there is someone CEO Su loves deeply. However, all these years, I was unable to find out that person's identity until I saw that screen name. Then, I confirmed that the person he likes is you"

The person he likes is you These few words caused Song Qingchun's heart to tremble in pain. Her eyes that stared at Cheng Qingchong could not help but turn to look out the window at the street lights in the autumn night. The tension between her eyes increased as the many conversations that they had shared filtered into her mind.

Su Zhinian, I love you I have no idea when this love started to blossom in my heart, and I cannot really explain why I have fallen in love with you I only know what my heart says, and it's telling me that I love you

Qingchun, you're beautiful, clever, and come from a good family. Any man would be lucky to have you, but I'm really sorry, I'm not that man I don't love you

This was the answer he had given her to her first confession. He had answered it so easily, openly, and without any hesitation; it was more than enough to explain his non-interest in her. However, now, his secretary had come to find her late in the night to tell her that she was the person he liked.

If this was several months ago, she believed that she might even have danced with joy when Cheng Qingchong revealed these things, but now, there was a noticeable lack of joy and excitement. What remained was emptiness and confusion.

Should I believe Cheng Qingchong? Even if I do, on what grounds?

The worker came back with the change. Song Qingchun blinked several times and slowly arranged her thoughts. She accepted the money and said in a faded tone, "Thank you."

After the person left, Song Qingchun turned her gaze back to Cheng Qingchong. The other woman's nervousness was apparent, as if afraid that she would not believe her. Song Qingchun lowered her gaze and explained softly, "Miss Cheng, you've misunderstood the whole thing. The person Su Zhinian likes is not me but someone else; it is just a coincidence that I look very much like that person."

To me, you're merely her replacement

The words that Su Zhinian told her right to her face in ST Empire's meeting room cropped up in Song Qingchun's mind. Her lips turned a shade whiter. Like a doll, she repeated the sentence back to Cheng Qingchong. "To Su Zhinian, I'm merely her replacement."

Cheng Qingchong was stunned. Replacement? Miss Song is just a replacement for the girl that CEO Su really loves?

"So, all those things that you said Su Zhinian did they were not meant for me but someone else"