Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 675

Chapter 675: The Person He Likes Is You (9)

"The first thing he said when he saw me was to go check on you"

Song Qingchun could clearly sense her heart that had died starting to beat and fidget with chaos and confusion.

"After making sure you were fine, the second order he gave was to have Doctor Xia inject him with painkiller and have me lead him away from the scene.

"That knife wound was really deep, Miss Song. You should know among the three kidnappers, one of them got hurt in the stomach, and he really did die on the way to the hospital

"CEO Su was unconscious for two whole months, but there was no sign of improvement. In the end, it was Doctor Xia who brought him to Yun Nan to find him a more experienced doctor"

Cheng Qingchong's tears started to fall freely, "Miss Song, you weren't there to see the state CEO Su was in. During that period, his life was really hanging by a thread. In fact, there were a few times when his heart really did stop"

The more Cheng Qingchong revealed, the more jumbled Song Qingchun's mind became.

From Cheng Qingchong's lips, she heard about a Su Zhinian who would give up his life for her, but the Su Zhinian she faced was one who could not have been crueler even if he tried. So, which was the real Su Zhinian?

"CEO Su was really lucky to have survived that ordeal. Actually, Miss Song, do you know this? When CEO Su was unconscious, there were many times where it crossed my mind to find you, but I didn't dare because CEO Su forbade me from doing so. Before he fell unconscious from the heavy wound, before he thought about his own life, he was thinking about you. He really loves youhow are you going to explain that?"

Indeed how was she going to explain that? Then again, there were other things that defied explanation as well. If he really did love her, why would he reject her confession? Why would he buy her the box of morning-after pills right after their night together? Why would he humiliate her so in his company's conference room?

Song Qingchun's body started to shake. A familiar feeling coursed through her. She felt like she had travelled back in time to when she was lying on the floor after witnessing Su Zhinian beat up that male celebrity at Eldorado.

At the time, her dead heart had also been given a new lease on life. Was she going to do the same thing again?

"CEO Su was afraid that should he perish, you might be tormented by guilt." Cheng Qingchong, who remembered the man when he was choking on blood as he finished the orders, could not help but weep.

Every single sentence that Cheng Qingchong said was torture for Song Qingchun.

Her heart started to quiver with fear, afraid that this was merely a trap, afraid that she might fall into the same trap as she did before, afraid that she might start lying to herself that he cared about her simply because of these things that he did, afraid that she might find out that she was merely being stupid in love.

After all, he had already told her that the reason he did all those things for her was because he had taken her as the person that he really loved, and she was merely a tool for him to seek comfort.

That pitfall, she had fallen into it many times already.

She only had one heart, and it could not afford being tortured by him so many times.

"CEO Su said that as long as Miss Song survives, everything would be fine with him. Also, CEO Su, at that moment, was still thinking about you because he ordered me to"

Cheng Qingchong was suddenly reminded of the three things that Su Zhinian had ordered her to do.