Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 679

Chapter 679: Conceal (3)

Song Qingchun really thought she could hold on until Su Zhinian left at the end of the month and her wedding on the ninth next month. By that time, she would be Qin Yinan's wife, and that identity would stop her heart from rocking all over the place.

The days went by one after another; in the blink of an eye, it was already the 30th of August. Su Zhinian would be leaving the next day. Song Qingchun saw this as a marathon, and she was at the very last leg of the race. If she held on for another day, victory would be hers.

However, when she woke up that morning, reached for her phone, and saw the date, her heart still pained involuntarily. The closer it was to Su Zhinian's departure date, the more common it was for Song Qingchun to get distracted and the longer she would space out. However, it still didn't cross her mind to go look for Su Zhinian.

That day when he peeled off all her clothes and stood before her perfectly dressed, it had completely ruined her dignity and eclipsed all the hope in her heart. Therefore, even if Cheng Qingchong was not lying, even if he would forever remain a part of her heart, even if the light of her world was going to dim following his departure, she wouldn't beg him to stay.

To prevent herself from thinking about Su Zhinian's departure, Song Qingchun's schedule on the 30th and 31st was jammed packed.

Qin Yinan was away in Shanghai for work, so Song Qingchun, who didn't have a car to use that day, had to rely on taxis whenever she went out.

Keeping oneself busy could help keep many troubles out of one's mind. However, fate wasn't done toying with Song Qingchun. As if trying to make this marathon as difficult as possible for Song Qingchun, since she refused to go to find Su Zhinian, fate placed Su Zhinian right in her path.

Su Zhinian actually didn't plan to have any interaction with Song Qingchun.

On the 12 pm plane tomorrow, he would be leaving Beijing for France, and he didn't think he would ever return in his life. Therefore, on his last day in Beijing, he still couldn't help himself from sneaking a look at her.

The weather that day was exceptionally bad. The fog was heavy, and the sky was dark. At around 4 pm, a sheet of snow started to fall. Due to the city's low temperature, the snow didn't melt, and in just an hour, the city had changed into a winter wonderland.

Song Qingchun was in the middle of an interview, and it had been an hour since she entered the Starbucks. However, he wasn't in a hurry. After all, he had cleared his schedule that day just to follow her around. He stared at the flurry of snow outside his car as her mellifluous voice drifted into his ears. It was truly heaven on Earth.

5:30 pm arrived, and she finally finished the interview. She left the Starbucks and tried to flag down a cab. The Starbucks was situated at quite an isolated part of the city, so there were no cabs patrolling the streets there on normal days, much less when it was snowing.

The snow didn't show any sign of stopping. In fact, it only got heavier. The girl shivered in the cold, and a layer of white started to cover her hair and shoulders.

Su Zhinian really didn't want to have any interaction with Song Qingchun, but the girl, standing out there in the cold with not many layers on, had started to sneeze.

Su Zhinian was afraid that she might fall ill, so after a moment's hesitation, he drove his car out from his hiding spot, pretended he happened to be passing by, and slowed down to a stop before her.