Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Her Honey His Venom 8
Chapter 68: Her Honey, His Venom (8)
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His mother's illness caused him to miss his grade exam and forced to stay back a year. His mother needed to be hospitalized, but she worried about him living alone. At the time, she ran into her old friend, Song Menghwa, and confided in him. After he found out, he quickly promised to take care of him.

Actually, Su Zhinian was capable of taking care of himself, but since Song Menghwa's daughter was Song Qingchun he moved in with the Song family.

Song Qingchun had mostly forgotten that they had met before, because when she called him for dinner, she even extended her hand to introduce herself.

When he was small and at his most desperate, he did not hate his superpower that set him apart from everyone else, but when he shook Song Qingchun's hand, he wished desperately he was someone normal because he read from her heart: I need to confess my love to Brother Yinan

So, she already had someone else on her mind The girl that he had spent a decade searching for already had a person whom she loved

He lost control of himself at that moment and squeezed his hand so hard until she yelped out in pain. When he realized with a start what was happening, he was too flustered to salvage the situation. He merely glanced at her before rushing downstairs.

He was in the same year as Qin Yinan, and he was like others, a backdrop in his life, but from that moment when he read his name in her heart, this name was forever seared into his mind.

From then on, he really wanted to get close to her but was very afraid to because he would constantly hear the words "Brother Yinan" in her heart.

Brother Yinan Qin Yinan Her honey, his venom.

No one knew how he survived that year he spent at her home. He suffered through every second of her phone conversations with Qin Yinan. He was not at all interested in her Brother Yinan, but she would always fill him in on how good her Brother Yinan was, ask why her Brother Yinan wouldn't reply her messages, her Brother Yinan this, Brother Yinan that At the time, he might have looked calm on the surface, but his grip that held his books had torn many a page.

The month before the grade exam, he asked her out for dinner. It was a Thursday. After he sent her to school on his bike, he even reminded her about their dinner that night, and she replied, "I will be there!" before she ran to the math class.

That night, he waited where they had promised to meet for a long time, but she was a no-show. He finally called her, and as if realizing she had promised to meet him that night, she said, "I am so sorry; I completely forgot. Rain check? Brother Yinan has returned to Beijing"

He hung up before she finished. That day was his birthday, and he spent it alone standing by the roadside, listening in on her happy conversations with Qin Yinan.

It was 9 pm when she and Qin Yinan left the hotel. He followed behind them as they returned to the Song family.

He stood at the opposite street, separated by a wide road, and saw Qin Yinan place his hand on her head and left it there for a long time. Her eyes that looked at him were filled overflowing adoration and love.

He could even hear their conversations.

"Brother Yinan, I will get into the same university as you."

"That's wonderful, Song Song, I will wait for you."

"Brother Yinan, after I finish the grade exam, I have a secret to tell you."