Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 684

Chapter 684: Conceal (8)

Su Zhinian did not have many things to pack, but it still took him a long time to finish packing.

At 7 am, Su Zhinian walked into his study. He sat before his table and picked up the pen to write an entry in his diary. Then he placed his laptop and diary into his suitcase. When he looked at the time next, it was already 8:30 am.

His plane was scheduled at 12 pm. It was time to depart for the airport. Su Zhinian put on his windbreaker and dragged his luggage downstairs. Before he left the place, he turned off the electricity and water meters of the bungalow.

Su Zhinian placed his luggage into the trunk of his car, glanced at the bungalow where he had shared the hundred days that felt like a dream with her, turned around, got into his car, and drove away.

Su Zhinian arrived at Beijing International Airport at 10 am exactly. He leisurely sorted his boarding pass, deposit his luggage, and passed the security check. When he entered the VIP lounge, it was only 10:30 am. There was still one hour and five minutes left until his boarding time.

The weather in Beijing after the snowfall was wonderful. The sky was blue, and the sun was shining. Su Zhinian sat in the lounge, watching the airplanes arriving and leaving the airport until drowsiness from the lack of sleep caught up to him, and he leaned against the chair and closed his eyes to rest.

Song Qingchun did not have a good sleep. After she closed her eyes, her mind kept having impossible dreams; some really did happen, and others were completely fictional.

At 3 am, her head felt heavy with torment. She kicked the cover off with frustration and got downstairs to pour herself a glass of warm water. She felt much better after drinking it. She returned to her room and switched on the television. Her eyes did not close after that.

Song Qingchun had an interview that morning at 7:30 am. She prepared for work at 6 am and left the house in her car. The interview finished around 9:30 am, which was when the city started to rise for a new day. She followed the flow of traffic as she headed for Station TW.

Song Qingchun was busy until 10 am, when she finally had time to breathe. When she was brewing herself a cup of coffee in the breakroom, she pulled out her phone to play while she waited for the coffee. She glanced at the time.

There's only two hours left until Su Zhinian's plane departs from Beijing. He should be at the airport now, dealing with the boarding procedures, right?

Song Qingchun stared at her phone until her attention flagged. It was not until the water started to bubble that she quickly shoved her phone back into her pocket, grabbed the coffee, and returned to her office.

Boredom was exceptionally hard to endure. Song Qingchun sipped half of her coffee, placed it back on the table, and grabbed her bag because she had a lunch date with Qin Yinan at Golden Corner.

The date was at 11 am. Qin Yinan was not working that day, so when Song Qingchun arrived at 10:40 am, Qin Yinan was already waiting in the lobby of Golden Corner.

Qin Yinan had already booked their seats. When he saw Song Qingchun walk in, he stood up immediately.

The waiter beside him led them politely up to the second floor. They took multiple turns on the long and lavishly-decorated corridor before they reached their private booth.

When Song Qingchun saw the two orchid plants placed at the entrance of the room, her whole body instantly froze.

Qin Yinan, who noticed this weird reaction from her, immediately turned to ask her with concern, "What's wrong?"

Song Qingchun was quiet, but her eyes slowly moved upwards. When she saw the words 'Orchid Pagoda' above the door, her body shivered once more.