Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 686

Chapter 686: Conceal (10)

That event was not organized by Golden Corner but by Su Zhinian? When she heard this, Song Qingchun's fists gripped tightly.

"In other words, to gift this surprise to her, ST Empire's CEO mobilized enough finances to prepare lucky draw presents for all the customers at Golden Corner that night?"

"That's night. Furthermore, that lifetime complementary card wasn't really a lifetime complementary card. While it is true that Miss Song doesn't pay a cent when she patronizes us, that is only because her bills are always sent to ST Empire to be covered by its CEO

"To put it simply, he is paying every time she comes to Golden Corner"

After the two waitresses walked into the elevator, Song Qingchun couldn't hear them anymore. However, what she heard was enough to make the emotions in her heart toss and turn violently.

The meals she had bought at Golden Corner were not on the house but actually covered by Su Zhinian?

She remembered actively inviting him out to dinner Christmas last year. At the time, Song Empire had not been doing well, and she did not have much money on her. When he ordered that exorbitant amount of food, she remembered cursing him internally. In fact, when she realized he purposely selected those expensive dishes, her tears had almost come out of her eyes right there and then.

At the time, he had acted with such coolness. He did not even pretend to reach for his wallet when the bill came. She remembered mocking him for his lack of gentlemanly nature. She also remembered how her gloom over the expenses cleared up when she won that lifetime complementary card. She had even told him to order some more if he was still hungry.

In the end, the lifetime complementary card that she was so proud of had not been won because of her good luck but because of Su Zhinian. In other words, when she invited him to dinner, he already prepared to pay for the bill?

Song Qingchun's heart was rocking violently. She even felt her breathing becoming increasingly fast. She faltered back two steps to lean against the wall, to support her body lest she slid to the floor.

Her mind was a mess. Her confession, his rejection, her courage, his cruelty, the sneer on his face when he peeled off her clothes in the meeting room, the many tears she had shed for him

The words she heard from Auntie Su, the revelations from Cheng Qingchong, the discovery she just happened across via the two waitresses

Song Qingchun felt like her brain was going to explode. The urge that was suppressed by fear for the past few days started to overwhelm her heart.

She really did not want to make herself fall into this whirlpool again

But that man always had the ability to revive her heart even after he had delivered the final blow.

She really wanted to suppress this urge, but she still found herself dashing out from the bathroom and racing toward the elevator. It was like her body was beyond her control.

She needed to get to the airport even though she did not know what she would do there, even though she really had not decided whether to beg him to stay or not.

But she needed to get to the airport. She needed to see him, even if it was just his back walking away, or just the sight of the airplane that carried him away

When the elevator reached the lower ground carpark, Song Qingchun rushed toward her car. As she searched for her car key, her phone rang.

She grabbed the car key in her palm as she reached for her phone. She then glanced at the caller ID.