Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 687

Chapter 687: The Fall (1)

When she saw the caller ID, her whole body froze.

Beauty Su

It was a phone call from Beauty Su

It's 11 am. There's only one hour left until his departure time. Why would the man suddenly call me after the period of silence between us?

Song Qingchun could feel her heart racing for some inexplicable reason. She stared at the ringing phone in her hand as she took several deep breaths. Finally, she had the courage to pick up the call. The call was connected, and she heard his rather anxious voice say, "Qingchun?"

Song Qingchun wanted to answer, but before she could say anything, she felt someone's hand clamp over her mouth from behind, and the phone fell from her fingers. She heard the phone land on the floor with a heavy thud. Then a black cloth covered her eyes, and she was dragged from behind by a powerful force.

Su Zhinian closed his eyes, but he was not sleeping. He was slowly counting down the time he had before his departure.

Actually, he knew he should not have felt so sad because when he discovered that secret so many years ago, this ending was already destined.

He knew that he should not have been so depressedafter all, they did share two nights together. Those two nights might have been nightmares for her, but they were dreams that he did not dare even wish for.

He should learn to be satisfied. After all, he had already shared a hundred days with her. There had been plenty of warmth, laughter, and kindness. Even though there was sadness and anger as well, he believed that when he sat alone in a foreign country in a crowd of foreign faces, he would smile at the memory.

He would spend the rest of his life hopping from one business meeting to the next.

The rest of his life would be too long because he could not be with her.

The rest of his life would be too short because it was not enough time for him to love her.

There was moisture in the corner of Su Zhinian's eyes. The buzz of the plane flooded his ears. Suddenly, he was overwhelmed with the desire to listen to her voice one last time before he departed.

Even though he had memorized her voice in his heart, he believed this would be the last time he would hear her in real life.

The airport was quite far away from the city, so even with his super-hearing, he would not necessarily be able to hear her, but this did not mean that he was not going to try. He closed his eyes to focus on her voice.

However, before he located her voice, he first heard a familiar male voice.

"Are the plane ticket, money, and passport prepared?"

The voice was so familiar that Su Zhinian frowned deeply to place it.

"Okay I promise the deal will be successful this time, but you have to guarantee that I'll be able to leave the country safely. Don't worry, after that previous lesson, there will be no mistakes this time. Furthermore, that Su Zhinian who has been muddling is leaving China, right?"

When Su Zhinian heard his name, the pieces clicked in his mind. No wonder he felt the name was familiar but couldn't place it immediatelyit was the voice of that Brother Kun whom he had only heard once.

The Brother Kun who had ordered his men to pursue Song Qingchun had returned to Beijing after the police's focus on him had loosened!

Doesn't this mean that Song Qingchun is in mortal danger?

Su Zhinian immediately sprung up from his seat!