Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 688

Chapter 688: The Fall (2)

As Su Zhinian stood up from the chair, he heard Brother Kun's voice again. "As long as that Su Zhinian is not in the way, it'll be fine"

He seemed to be drivingthe voice was getting smaller and smaller until Su Zhinian could not even hear him anymore. Su Zhinian ran toward the source of Brother Kun's voice without much thought. He ran from one end of the airport to the other end like he was on a race when he finally caught snippets of Brother Kun's voice again.

"I'll be reaching Golden Corner in a bit Give me An hour

"In an hour I guarantee the news of Song Empire young miss News anchor TW Station falling from water tower will be over the news"

Su Zhinian concentrated fully, but that was all he could hear. However, he had heard enough. In this one word, Brother Kun was going to push Song Qingchun off a building

Su Zhinian's hair on the back of his neck stood up all at once as his heart started to race. Even his temples were throbbing with pain. His brain spun quickly to parse the words he had just heard in his mind twice. Then, he managed to hypothesize that Song Qingchun was having lunch at Golden Corner then.

Su Zhinian reached out to grab his phone when he realized that he had left his phone on his seat in the VIP lounge in his hurry earlier. Thus, he ran back to the lounge. When Su Zhinian picked up his phone, his finger that tried to unlock it shook in trepidation.

Right then, the grudge and unhappiness between him and Song Qingchun had gone all out the window. He did not even click into the contact list but typed in her number directly and called.

The phone rang several times, but no one picked it up. Su Zhinian turned to look at the sunlight shining outside the window in agitation. He did not give his luggage and his plane much thought as he dashed out of the airport.

Along the way, Su Zhinian knocked into many people and apologized many times. When he exited the airport and reached the carpark, Song Qingchun's phone was finally picked up.

Su Zhinian, who had his heart to his throat, desperately wanted to make sure Song Qingchun was safe, so when the call was answered, he called her name anxiously.


However, it was not Song Qingchun's silence nor her distant voice that answered the phone but a sharp and desperate yelp. Then, there was the sound of someone's muffled screams. It was her, and it sounded like someone had their hands over her mouth.

"Qingchun? Song Qingchun?" Su Zhinian screamed her name several times, and the only thing that answered him was the sound of the phone falling the floor. Then the call ended.

Am I too late?

As the thought formed in his mind, cold sweat trickled down Su Zhinian's face. He almost got run over by a car when he ran away across the road because, in his urgency, he did not look at the oncoming traffic.

As he ran toward his car, he called Qin Yinan. However, Qin Yinan did not answer his phone. In fact, when Su Zhinian jumped into his car, Qin Yinan's phone was shut off.