Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Her Honey His Venom 9
Chapter 69: Her Honey, His Venom (9)
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He stood there like a dummy until a long time after the two of them had left.

It was his birthday He even asked her for the date a week earlier, but with Qin Yinan's arrival, he was thrown out of her mind easily.

He had a little bit too much to drink that night and had no idea how he had returned to the Song family residence or how he ended up in his bedroom. When he saw her face through his drunken haze, his first instinct was to kiss her

When he was small, he used to notice shock and awe in the way people looked at him.

At the time, he did not resent such gazes, if anything, he quite enjoyed them. It was not until he was sent into the sanatorium by his mother and molested by the old lady that he started to become angered and disgusted when he received such gaze. It continued into his youth. While the boys his age would congregate to discuss dirty flicks, rub one out in the bathroom, or do the deed with their girlfriends, he was completely immune to those needs or urges.

There were many girls at school who openly pursued him, but no matter how pretty they were, he would never even give them the time of day. Some girls would be deterred by his aloofness while others refused to give up; one of them even directly stripped down before him

However, he was completely unfazed by these incidents. His body did not react in any way. In fact, when that girl got close to him, he only felt nausea rising up in his throat. At the time, he even suspected he had some problem there

Therefore, when he kissed her out of his own volition that night, he felt amazed by it himself. He assumed it was a dream, a mirage but even in his dream, she was fighting him because of Qin Yinan.

Jealousy and fury burned within him. Supported by liquid courage, he controlled her mind and

By then, he knew his part was perfectly fine. It was just that he was completely uninterested in people who were not the one he loved. The morning after, she left him two sentences with a blanched face and red-rimmed eyes.

"Su Zhinian, I do not need you to be responsible.

"You'd better forget this ever happened and make sure it dies a lonely death in your guts; no one can find out about this."

Then, she started to evade him to the point where she did not return to her home. She blacklisted all of his numbers and refused to answer any communication that came from him.

At the time, he really wanted to locate her to personally apologize to her, to take the responsibility he had to But before he could do all that, he stumbled into another hidden secret A secret that stripped him of the qualification to love her.

And then, his love for Song Qingchun joined the ranks of his superpower and became his own little secret.

The room was exceptionally quiet, and Song Qingchun was in a deep sleep. Probably due to the past, Su Zhinian's eyes, which fell on her face, were roiling with intense emotions.

He could remember clearly how devastated he had been when he found out about the dark secret. He had spent seven days and seven nights in a bar, drinking himself into a stupor.

He wished he could have avoided knowing that secret, but his superpowers prevented that from happening. He started to condemn himself to the stage of self-harming

As if unwilling to dwell on this dark memory anymore, Su Zhinian averted his head away to look out the window at the quiet night.