Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 690

Chapter 690: The Fall (4)

So many? Su Zhinian glanced at the rear-view mirror and swerved into another lane, passing a Honda. Then, he asked, "How many within the area of Beijing Fourth Circle?"

"15,"Cheng Qingchong answered.

"How about around Golden Corner?" Since Brother Kun had promised that he would deal with Song Qingchun within an hour, that meant that he would not pick a location that was far. After all, the further the location, the higher the chances for accidents. Furthermore, when he overheard Brother Kun, it sounded like he was not far away from the airport, so this Water X Tower had to be close to Golden Corner.


Good one in four chance

"Focus on these four, give me the height for each one of them."

"Water Source Tower, it's a beauty salon, it's on the third floor of Jin Yuan mall"

Not this one, three floors is not high enough to cause death. Furthermore, this is a mall; it'll create too much of a commotion and will be difficult for him to escape Su Zhinian vetoed the option in his mind.

"Water and Sky Tower, it's a business block, 34 floors in total"

Office building. Not many people will use the elevator during business hours, and it has 34 floors. Perfect location to commit his crime Su Zhinian asked, "Where is this?"

"196 on the west second ring" After answering Su Zhinian's question, Cheng Qingchong continued. "Beauty Water Tower"

Before Cheng Qingchong introduced Beauty Water Tower, Su Zhinian interrupted her with a "Next."

When Brother Kun mentioned the location, there was a pause between Water and Tower. There was no such pause in Beauty Water Tower, so this could not be it.

"The last one is Water Observatory Tower. The highest floor is the 27th floor. It is on the eastern side of Golden Corner It's about five kilometers away from Golden Corner"

Water and Sky Tower, Water Observatory Tower, both places are tall enough to cause death from falling. They are also close to Golden Corner, so one in four is now narrowed down to one in two, but which one is it?

When Song Qingchun was shoved inside the car, she finally realized that she was being kidnapped again. Even though this was not her first time being kidnapped, this was not something one could get used to. It did not mean that she was not nervous and worried.

If anything, due to the horrendous aftermath of the earlier kidnapping, her heart only fluttered even more.

Song Qingchun was dumped into a dark sack. The opening of the sack was tightened, and the space was so small that she felt like she had difficulty breathing. Her mouth was taped by duct tape, so she could not speak. Other than the sound of the engine and honking from the traffic, there was nothing else she could hear.

The car repeatedly accelerated and decelerated, causing her head to knock against the front of the cushion and the back of the seat in front constantly.

The previous time, even though she was gagged and bound, she could see who her kidnappers were and even managed to leave a trail of clues as she was kidnapped. However, this time, she was really caught by surprise. She did not even have the opportunity to yell at Su Zhinian, who was on the phone, for help before she was taken away.

As the air inside the sack lessened, Song Qingchun's breathing became lighter.