Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 692

Chapter 692: The Fall (6)

When she got closer to the edge, Song Qingchun realized this was an unfinished building. There was scaffolding all over, but the construction seemed like it was reaching the end stages already. A sign not faraway told her where she was.

Water Observatory Tower.

Song Qingchun had a slight of recollection of this area. An investor had bought the piece of land with a great amount of money, but when the project almost finished, the money ran out, so the place remained unfinished even though it had been half a year since then.

No wonder she felt the elevator she just took was not like a normal elevatorit was a cargo-lifter used by workers. The four walls were merely iron bars with metal webbing.

When they were close to the edge, the man suddenly pushed her forward. Song Qingchun stumbled forward and collapsed against the railing.

The man had brought her to the tallest building in the area. When she leaned over the edge, she could not even see the objects on the ground. Song Qingchun mumbled nervously, trying to ask what this man wanted.

The man ignored her mumbling completely. He gripped the collar of her shirt and started to toss her over the railing.

Even though the man had not said anything, Song Qingchun knew he was trying to throw her off the edge. She struggled literally for her life. She tried to latch onto his arm, refusing to get tossed over the railing.

However, even though the man looked frail, he was surprisingly powerful. No matter how hard she struggled, kicked, or flailed, he did not even wince. Using force alone, he shoved her over the railing.

One of Song Qingchun's legs was hanging off the side of the building.

The feeling of stepping on air underneath her feet caused her heart to chill. She tried to claw her way back onto the rooftop, but the man used his body to block her way. Then, he reached out to pull the tape off her face.

The pain caused tears to come to Song Qingchun's eyes.


She opened her mouth to scream at the man, but she only got one word out before she heard the door behind them being kicked open. Song Qingchun and the man turned around at the same time to see a shadow dashing at them.

Song Qingchun's heart started to surge with joy. Her survival instincts compelled her to shout, "Help Help"

Song Qingchun's call for help and the sudden intruder flustered the man. In the urgency of the moment, he acted almost in reflex and channeled all the force in his body into his arms as he shoved Song Qingchun out into the air.

Song Qingchun was too weak in comparison to the man. She did not even have the time to process when she found herself falling from the edge.

The next second, Song Qingchun was overwhelmed by the sensation of free falling. The smell of death surrounded her instantly. It stopped her breathing right in her throat.

It reminded her of the time she tried bungee jumping. However, at the time, she had been seeking adrenaline. She remembered screaming from excitement then, but now, her lips would not even open. Her jaw was locked in place by a heavy sense of inevitability and despair.