Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 693

Chapter 693: The Fall (7)

The winds were cold and chilly. It felt like they were scratching her cheeks as she plummeted.

Through the raging winds, Song Qingchun felt like someone was calling her name. The voice was familiar. She forced her eyes open with and turned her head around to look up.

She could see someone had poked his upper body out from the edge of the rooftop. Before she could see who it was, the man had moved back from the edge.

Song Qingchun blinked several times and glanced at the empty edge of the rooftop. The feeling of despair washed over her once more. She was about to close her eyes to prepare for eternal sleep when she saw someone jumped from the edge of the rooftop

The image would probably be seared forever into Song Qingchun's mind. Song Qingchun thought that she was hallucinating. She peeled her eyes open as wide as possible, and she could see a black shadow hurtling toward the ground toward her.

Su Zhinian deduced that the location was Water Observatory Tower because of one sentence from Cheng Qingchong.

"CEO Su, isn't this Water Observatory Tower an area that was left unfinished about half a year ago due to lack of funds?"

The penny dropped for Su Zhinian after hearing that statement.

If someone wants to mask a murder with suicide, an unfinished construction site is definitely a good choice. Furthermore, unfinished buildings often don't have working security cameras.

After hearing that sentence from Cheng Qingchong, Su Zhinian called the police instantly.

When he arrived at Water Observatory Tower, both the police and firefighters were already there. He did not go to check on the security cushions but dashed upstairs in the lift.

As the lift rose, the sound of the wind became louder, the noise from ground became smaller, and the sound of Song Qingchun's muffled screams became clearer.

Her cries were like knives aimed at his heart, but they were also a source of security because at least this meant that she was still alive.

The lift was quite fast, but it was not fast enough for Su Zhinian. In frustration, he kicked at the door several times.

Su Zhinian practically flew out of the lift when it reached the top floor. He kicked open the iron door and ran toward the rooftop.

When Song Qingchun raised her voice to call for help, he jumped up the final steps of the stairs. The view of the rooftop opened before him, and all he could see was Song Qingchun fluttering like a kite whose string had been cut as she fell from the edge of the rooftop

Su Zhinian could feel his heart shrink at an impossible speed. His knees gave as he collapsed against the railing. Watching Song Qingchun fall, he yelled out her name with desperation.

"Song Qingchun!"

However, no matter how hard he called, he could not stop her from falling. He could only watch as she fell away from him.

Su Zhinian could hear the world around him crumbling. He completely ignored Brother Kun, who was also on the rooftop. He took two steps back before leaping up over the railing to jump down the side of the building.

The pull of gravity dazed Su Zhinian for a second. Then he tried his best to catch up to Song Qingchun.

However, they were falling at the same velocity. No matter how hard he tried to get to her, the distance between them would not shorten or change.