Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 699

Chapter 699: Overheard Conversation (3)

"Before landing on the safety airbags, the man used his body to shield the woman, and that caused him serious injury. Currently, both of them are being rushed to the People's Hospital to be saved. The perpetrator is still on the loose. The condition of both the male and female victim is still an unknown; we're waiting for an update from the hospital. According the information from the police, the man is Mr. Su Zhinian, the CEO for ST Empire"

If the man is Su Zhinian, then the woman has to be Song Song Qin Yinan suddenly turned around, rushed toward his car, and drove to People's Hospital.

Other than Qin Yinan, Auntie Su also noticed this news. Perhaps it was the mother-and-son relationship, Auntie Su's eyelids had started to twitch since lunch. She even commented on it to the care-taker, and the lady joked that perhaps something good was about to happen.

Something good? Currently for Auntie Su, the only good thing she was anticipating was her son's marriage. Auntie Su looked on the bright side, thinking perhaps today was the day Su Zhinian was finally going to bring this person hiding in his memory home to meet her.

However, the optimistism lasted for less than ten minutes because it was then that television in the dining room reported on Su Zhinian's fall.

Auntie Su was truly stunned beyond words. She stared at the screen for a long time without reaction until the care-taker said nervously, "Madam, madam, they say it was young master who fell from the building."

Auntie Su finally came to. With a shake of her hands, the chopsticks fell to the floor. Then she stood up with a blanched face and wandered into her bedroom while asking the caretaker to call the driver. They were going to the hospital.

After Song Qingchun was hauled into the ambulance alongside Su Zhinian, she collapsed from a mixture of raging emotions in her heart. When she woke up next, it was because of a nightmare.

She dreamed about Su Zhinian covered in blood. No matter how hard she called him or shook him, he lay on the floor completely immobile. She wanted to reach out to sense his breathing, but her finger would weaken whenever she wandered close to his nostrils. After multiple struggles, she finally placed her finger under his nose. She could not feel anything; there was definitely no breath. She grabbed his wrist in a hurry to feel his pulse, again, she did not feel anything

She woke up shaking and screaming. "Nooo!"

"Song Song?" Qin Yinan, who sat beside her, also jumped from his seat, spooked by the sudden scream.

When Song Qingchun heard his voice, she turned to look at him before turning her head around to inspect her surroundings. All she could see was white. There was a needle stuck into her arm. She believed that she was at the hospital and it was already late because the sky outside the window was dark.

Qin Yinan touched Song Qingchun's forehead, and when he realized that her fever had gone, he turned to press on the service bell.

Before he ended the call, Song Qingchun suddenly leaned forward to grab his sleeve, asking in desperation, "Where is Su Zhinian?"

As she asked that question, she pulled off the cover and got down from bed. The drip attached to her arm pulled, and it slashed a puncture wound on her arm.

"Song Song, the drip is still working. Please lie back down" As Qin Yinan advised her, he reached out to grab Song Qingchun's shoulders.