Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 700

Chapter 700: Overheard Conservation (4)

Song Qingchun couldn't care less about the drip. She grabbed at it and pulled it out without thought. Then, she even shoved Qin Yinan away to race out of the room. Qin Yinan grabbed Song Qingchun's clothes and ran after her. When he reached the door, he heard Song Qingchun question the nurse he had called. "Where is Su Zhinian? How is his condition? Which room is he in?"

Qin Yinan walked over to put the clothes over Song Qingchun, who only had a thin patient's gown on. Then he smiled apologetically at the nurse and said, "I'm sorry, please come back later to check on her."

Qin Yinan waited until the nurse walked away with the equipment before pointing at the room at the end of the corridor. "He's currently in the ICU."

Song Qingchun raced down the corridor without missing a beat.

When Song Qingchun got closer, she noticed two persons sitting by the door. One of them was Auntie Su, the other was Cheng Qingchong.

When Cheng Qingchong saw Song Qingchun, she immediately stood up to greet her. "Miss Song."

Song Qingchun nodded slightly to acknowledge her before turning to Auntie Su beside her. It had not been long since Song Qingchun had last seen Auntie Su. At the time, Auntie Su had been the picture of grace and looked much younger than her actual age, but now her hair had fallen out of place, her eyes were red, and even her skin had lost its usual luster.

Song Qingchun knew Auntie Su must have known it was because of her that Su Zhinian ended up in this state. In other words, it was because her that Su Zhinian was in the ICU. At the end of the day, it was all her fault.

Song Qingchun turned to Auntie Su and said guiltily, "Auntie Su, I'm sorry."

"Qingchun, what are you talking about" Even though her son was on the brink of death because of her, Auntie Su didn't blame or hate Song Qingchun. As she used the handkerchief to wipe away her tears, she croaked through tears, "It wasn't you who pushed Ah Nian off the building; it was his own choice to jump after you. Plus, it was not wrong for him to save you; I've raised him well because if I was there I would have told him to do the same. So, don't worry, the main point is you're safe"

In the end, Auntie Su couldn't control her emotions, and she started to weep. If Auntie Su had scolded her, Song Qingchun probably would have felt better. The fact that she didn't blame her but instead turned around to comfort her only made Song Qingchun feel worse.

Tears slid from her eyes as she apologized one more time to Auntie Su. Then she turned around to look into the room through the glass window.

Su Zhinian lay in bed quietly with his eyes closed, no trace of life observable on his face. If not for the beeping heart monitor beside him, showing his heartbeat, he would have looked no different from a dead body.

The back of his arm was affixed with many needles and many drips that transferred medicine into his body. The blood on his face had been cleaned away, and his facial features were as exquisite as ever. However, as Song Qingchun stared at his face, there was a whirlwind of pain that tore through her heart.

When they were rescuing Su Zhinian, Qin Yinan had been there throughout. When he saw how fazed Song Qingchun was, staring at Su Zhinian, he couldn't help but move forward to stand by her side and whisper, "His condition is a bit worrying. He suffers from multiple shattered bones and pleural effusion, but don't worry, tomorrow, the nation's best surgeon will arrive to conduct operation on himhe'll be fine"