Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 704

Chapter 704: Overheard Conversation (8)

Auntie Su's anxiousness only amplified the fear in Song Qingchun's heart. However, she understood that if she showed any traces of it, they would both collapse, so she tried her best to find some words to console Auntie Su while, at the same time, comforting herself.

"Auntie Su, don't worry, perhaps the surgery started a little late."

"Auntie Su, they're probably just wrapping up the surgery; Su Zhinian will be out soon."

When it was 10:25 pm, even Song Qingchun's palms were covered with sweat. To calm her beating heart, she stood up and started to pace up and down the corridor.

"Auntie Su"

"Auntie Su"

Song Qingchun's consolation and Auntie Su's questions reverberated through the quiet corridor.

At 10:35 pm, Song Qingchun's voice started to quiver.

At 10:45 pm, Song Qingchun was too weak to continue to pace. Instead, she leaned against the wall opposite Auntie Su.

At 10:50 pm, Auntie Su started to weep softly. Amid her tears, Song Qingchun's breathing started to race.

At 11 pm, Auntie Su's weep had turned into open crying, and Song Qingchun's eyes became rimmed with redness as well.

At 11:20 pm, Auntie Su completely collapsed. She almost fainted from crying several times. Song Qingchun had also reached her limit. When she felt like she could not handle this anymore, the surgery light finally went off, and the door was slowly pushed open.

Auntie Su, who had been on the verge of another fainting spell minutes ago, suddenly stood up with a burst of hidden energy to rush toward the doctor. "How is Ah Nian? Is he alright?"

Song Qingchun straightened herself, wanting to rush forward as well, but she realized there was barely a whiff of energy left in her body. She could not even move, and her back was covered with sweat.

The doctor pulled off his mask, and the face underneath it was tired from three hours of surgery. He answered, "Mr. Su's surgery was very successful, but he still requires another twenty-four hours of close observation. If he survives the next twenty-four hours, he'll achieve a full recovery."

Song Qingchun sighed under her breath. She struggled upwards, but before she could make the first step, Auntie Su suddenly crumbled. Thankfully, the doctor was agile enough to grab her. With the nurse's help, they sent Auntie Su to a nearby empty room, examined her, and put her on a drip.

Song Qingchun made sure Auntie Su's condition had stabilized before she moved to Su Zhinian's room. The man's body was attached with many tubes, and he was surrounded by many medical machines. The drip that was attached to his arm was new because the bag was still quite full.

Auntie Su had not rested properly over the past few days, and that, combined with the overall stress, caused her to collapse. However, with a good rest, she would be fine. With the nurse watching over her, Song Qingchun was not worried. She pulled over a chair to focus on staying by Su Zhinian's side.

When the sun rose, Auntie Su finally roused herself. She was feeling better and returned to Su Zhinian's room.

Auntie Su told Song Qingchun to go home to take a rest on the account that she had not slept for two days and two nights already. However, Song Qingchun could not rest knowing that Su Zhinian still had not left the danger zone, so she decided to crash on the couch in the room instead.