Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 706

Chapter 706: Overheard Conversation (10)

The doctor confirmed that since Su Zhinian had woken up, it was only a matter of time until he recovered. After the doctor told Su Zhinian the things he had to take care about, he left the room. A few minutes after that, Su Zhinian fell back to his sleep. He was out of it until 10 pm that night.

The nurse came to check on his temperature and blood pressure. They were fine. After dispensing some medicine, she left.

Su Zhinian's current condition meant that someone still needed to watch over him throughout the night. Auntie Su was old, so Song Qingchun was worried that it would take too much of a toll on her body, so she rented a room at the hotel across from the hospital and asked Auntie Su to rest there for the night. She would stay with Su Zhinian.

Auntie Su felt much better since Su Zhinian woke up. Since she was undeniably tired, she agreed to Song Qingchun's suggestion. Song Qingchun led Auntie Su and helped her settle in before returning to the hospital.

Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian's fall made headlines, so even Song Menghwa heard about it and rushed to the hospital on the second day of Su Zhinian's surgery. Su Zhinian woke up that day for only ten minutes before returning to sleep, lulled by the effect of the medicine.

Song Menghwa and Auntie Su chatted at the hospital for the whole afternoon before leaving. When Song Qingchun accompanied her father to the entrance, she mentioned that she was going to stay at the hospital so that Auntie Su did not have to take care of Su Zhinian alone.

Su Zhinian had suffered this tragedy because of Song Qingchun, so Song Menghwa agreed without hesitation. Before Song Menghwa got into the car, she told him something that had been on her mind for the past two days. "Dad, I've discussed this with Brother Yinan. We wished to delay the wedding at least until Su Zhinian gets out of the hospital."

Song Qingchun really had discussed this with Qin Yinan already. That was the first thing she had done when she found those buttons in Su Zhinian's closet. Su Zhinian still had not completely woken up, and there was still confusion in her heart that needed to be cleared up. However, the wedding could not be cancelled just like that. Plenty of preparation had gone into the wedding, so Song Qingchun only opted to suggest delaying the wedding.

Qin Yinan had not been surprised by her request. When he received her call, he had said gently, "Song Song, I was about to call you to ask whether you want to delay the wedding or not."

Song Menghwa asked after a slight pause, "What did Yinan say about this?"

"He doesn't mind," Song Qingchun answered.

After another period of silence, Song Menghwa added, "Alright, if he's fine with it, then it's okay. After all, you getting married with Yinan in this state is a bit inappropriate. Delaying it is right. Don't worry about the guests; I'll call them personally to explain the situation, so you just focus on taking care of Zhinian."

However, after Song Menghwa got into the car, he still reminded Song Qingchun, "Qingchun, understand that while it is responsible for you to look after Zhinian, remember that Yinan is your fianc. Don't forget about him. Call and talk to him when you have the chance."

Song Qingchun nodded wordlessly. She waited until Song Menghwa left before turning upstairs.

Su Zhinian had woken up while she was away. When Song Qingchun walked into the room, Auntie Su was sitting by his bed, holding a bowl of hot herbal porridge in her hand, and asking him to eat it.

Perhaps because of the nasty smell or the bitter taste of the herbs, Su Zhinian turned his head toward the window petulantly, refusing to open his lips.