Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 708

Chapter 708: Overheard Conversation (12)

Su Zhinian was acting up because he had overheard the conversation between Song Qingchun and Song Menghwa. However, his heart gradually softened with Song Qingchun acting that way. Eventually, he could not help but turn his head around to look at her.

Meeting his eyes, Song Qingchun smiled sweetly. "If you don't believe me, I can ask the doctor when he comes later. But we really cannot go out tonight; the weather is too cold, and the wind too chilly, which is not good for your body"

Su Zhinian nodded slightly. Even though he still had not said anything, it was enough to brighten the glow in Song Qingchun's eyes. She moved the spoon again to his lips. This time, he opened his mouth slowly and swallowed the food. This reaction from Su Zhinian made Auntie Su as happy as a lottery winner.

After finishing the porridge, Song Qingchun passed the bowl back to Auntie Su. She picked up the glass of water from the table for Su Zhinian and then went into the bathroom to take a warm towel to clean Su Zhinian's mouth and face.

These caring actions from Song Qingchun gradually softened the expression on Su Zhinian's face. The day was getting late. After putting Su Zhinian into bed, she told him softly that she would send Auntie Su to the hotel first before returning.

Su Zhinian nodded, and both Song Qingchun and Auntie Su left his room. When Song Qingchun returned, Su Zhinian was already asleep. Half of his body was exposed to the winds. Song Qingchun slunk into the room to turn off the main light and switched on the dimmer sleeping lights before helping him with the cover.

The room was quiet. Song Qingchun sat beside the bed, and her earlier sleep debt caught up to her. However, before she could fall asleep, she heard Su Zhinian groan from pain, and she woke up immediately. Song Qingchun heard a muffled groan from Su Zhinian's throat. It sounded deep like the man was trying very hard to suppress it. However, she could still hear his teeth chattering from trying to hold in the pain.

Song Qingchun flicked on the light and saw Su Zhinian's face was white, his forehead was drenched with sweat, his hands were gripping the covers tightly, and his whole body was shivering.

Song Qingchun remembered that when the nurse came to administer the medicine earlier in the day, she mentioned that the hospital had lowered the dosage of anesthetic, so Su Zhinian might feel some degree of pain from his wound. She advised him to try to persevere naturally lest he develop a reliance on pain-killers.

Song Qingchun reached out to feel Su Zhinian's forehead. She sighed in relief when she realized he was not burning up.

Song Qingchun rushed into the bathroom and used the warm water to dampen a towel. She used it to wipe away the sweat on Su Zhinian's face. When she saw how his body was curled up from pain, her heart cracked with pain and guilt. She could not stop herself from asking, "I'll go get the nurse to give you a shot, okay?"

Before Song Qingchun got up, Su Zhinian grabbed her wrist. Song Qingchun knew this meant that he did not want the painkillers, so she had no choice but to follow his wishes. She sat beside his bed and patted his uninjured shoulder in a consoling manner.

However, her comfort seemed to be of little use. His lips were practically purple from pain. Song Qingchun felt tears pricking her eyes. She eventually ignored his command and reached out, attempting to press the service bell on the wall.

With a pull of his wrist, Su Zhinian dragged her onto the bed. Due to pain, his breathing was heavy and fast.