Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Maniac Su And Sanitary Su 1
Chapter 71: Maniac Su and Sanitary Su (1)
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After finding out about the secret five years ago, in spite of his burning desire for her, he would not lay a finger on her.

Cheng Qingchong, who had cleaned the laptop, was about to remind Su Zhinian to depart again but swallowed her words when she saw the rare melancholy that had appeared on his face. Her lips moved but no words came out.

"But how does one explain the change of clothes? Is it possible that Maniac Su helped me undressed Doesn't this mean he has seen everything?

"Aaaaaah But my hair has been washed, and there is the smell of shampoo. This smells like the brand I normally use He helped me shower?

"Wait a minute This means he has not only seen everything but has touched everything?

"Oh my god Oh my god Someone dig me a hole to hide in"

Following Song Qingchun's hellish screams, Su Zhinian heard her slapping her face. After that, he heard her muttering in an effort to console herself. "Song Qingchun, you have lost everything to him once, so don't be such a prude now That's right, after all, it was only seeing and touching; he has done worse"

Suddenly, Song Qingchun went radio silent. Confusion floated up in Su Zhinian's eyes, perplexed why she had suddenly stopped. He concentrated for a while, and her flustered voice cropped up in his ears again. "I'm dead! I'm dead!"

Su Zhinian subconsciously went for the door. Before he pushed it open, he heard Song Qingchun's frustrated voice saying, "I called him yesterday so many times to ask for a day-off? I said I wanted to stay home to take care of my baby? Oh God Song Qingchun, what has happened to you? What about your goddess image you said you were going to cultivate?

"Wait a minute This means that he brought me home?" Song Qingchun's voice suddenly became quiet; her tone was dripping in suspicion and caution. "But, why would Maniac Su take care of me? According to his personality, he should have left me for dead."

Her voice was so lowered that it sounded more like a mumble. Her words fell into Su Zhinian's ears, and for some reason, they soothed his heart.

Cheng Qingchong's attention was entirely focused on Su Zhinian. One second ago, her Big Boss was in bouts of sadness, but now, there was an air of gentleness around him. This shook her to her core. What is Big Boss thinking about that requires such deep concentration?

After a minute of silence, Song Qingchun suddenly screamed. She then followed it up with a series of mutterings that sounded unbelievable to her own ears. "I I I vomited on Maniac Su last night

"No, this cannot be real!" Following her rhetorical question, Su Zhinian heard a series of footsteps. It sounded like she was rushing to the bathroom, she was probably searching through the dirty laundry basket. After some time, her anguished-filled confirmation came. "I really did vomit on Maniac Su!

"No No No This time I'm really dead. Sanitary Su's obsession with cleanliness is legendary, and I dared to vomit on him. Thank God I was too drunk to remember his wrath

"One time, I accidentally dropped a few chip crumbs on his bed, and he practically hauled me out of his room. I remember laboriously washing the bedsheets and mattress for him before he unwillingly allowed me back into his bedroom This time, I upped the ante and vomited all over him He is going to make me clean every inch of this bungalow, isn't he"