Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Overheard Conversation (14)

Auntie Su stopped in her tracks. She stared at the scene inside the room completely frozen. She looked at her own son stare with utmost focus at Song Qingchun, his usual blank face crawling with gentleness, love, and kindness.

She stood there and watched her own son reach out to caress Song Qingchun's face lovingly, entertained by such a simple gesture. Finally, she saw her own son's eyes light up with emotion as he slowly leaned in to kiss Song Qingchun's forehead. After stopping there for some time, he parted and slowly moved his lips to kiss the tip of her nose and her lips.

Auntie Su staggered two steps back like she had been given the greatest shock of her life. Then, she turned and rushed toward the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

She dropped the breakfast into the trashcan, dashed into a random empty cubicle, locked the door, leaned against the wall, gripped her chest, and started to gasp for air. Oh my God, what have I just seen? My own son kissing Song Qingchun? No way I have to be mistaken, yes, something must be wrong.

Auntie Su then moved to pinch herself on her thigh. The pain somehow calmed herself down. She closed her eyes and continued to breathe in deeply.

No one knew her son better than her. When had her son looked at a woman in such a loving manner before? When had her son smiled that brilliantly before? But he had done all those things because of Song Qingchun.

She knew perfectly well what this represented. This meant that her son was in love with Song Qingchun.

The events that had happened over the past few days suddenly repeated themselves in Auntie Su's mind, and she now had a completely different view of them. Her son did not jump off the edge of the building out of his desire to save an innocentit was because he loved Song Qingchun.

No wonder the first thing her son did after he woke up from the surgery was to search for Song Qingchun.

No wonder her son would obediently open his mouth when it was Song Qingchun who fed him the medicinal porridge.

No wonder her son ignored her completely when she scolded him for playing on his phone, but he quietly placed his phone to the side when Song Qingchun mentioned that the glare from the phone could harm his recovery just that one time.

I must have gotten too old; how can I have missed these clues and details? Of course, I should have known something was not right when that son of mine, who rejects all female company with such insistence, allowed Song Qingchun to take care of him while at his weakest.

She did not think so much of everything because she forgot that, unlike her, these two children did not know the truth.

She made the fatal mistake six years ago. After running into Song Menghwa, she should not have agreed to have him take care of Su Zhinian when he offered to help her look after Su Zhinian. At the time, she had really thought that it could be a good development; she had done it with good intentions, but looking bad, this was all her fault.

To think that she even told her son that he was free to love anyone as long as he brought her home for her to see.

Now she understood everything; the truth was set before her. Her son loved Song Qingchun, but she could not approve.

Her son could be with anyone but Song Qingchun.

As Auntie Su thought about this cruel joke fate had pulled on her, she started to weep.