Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 714

Chapter 714: Overheard Conversation (18)

"I liked the candidate I met with today. She's gentle but efficient. I like her very much. In fact, I've already hired her to come take care of Ah Nian starting from tomorrow. With her here, we will not need to trouble you anymore. You won't need to come tomorrow."

If Song Qingchun thought Auntie Su was being ambiguous earlier, the elder woman spelled it out clearly for her then. She gripped the cup tightly and used some time to digest what Auntie Su said. "Auntie Su, I've asked my company for holiday, and my father knows I'm at the hospital. You really don't need to go and find a care-taker; furthermore, who is to say the care-taker will really look after Su"

Before Song Qingchun could finish, Auntie Su interrupted her. "I know the new care-taker will definitely not be as focused and as caring as you, but I'd rather she takes care of Ah Nian than have you around Ah Nian anymore. Now do you understand what Auntie is trying to say?"

There it is It was really as she expected. Auntie Su's main purpose was to chase her away; the new care-taker was merely a pretext. Song Qingchun moved her lips, but she did not know what to say. Since Auntie Su had already been so direct with her demand, what else she could say?

The atmosphere between them froze with awkwardness. After some time, Auntie Su sighed softly. She averted her gaze from Song Qingchun and said, "Qingchun, I'm really sorry, but as a mother, I have to protect my son. You're basically a married woman with a wedding coming soon. It is simply too inappropriate for you to hang out every day with my son.

"Furthermore, my son has suffered such a grievous wound because of you. I simply cannot afford to have that happen again. Ah Nian is everything I have, and I cannot lose him. So Qingchun Auntie is begging you, please leave and don't come around to see my son again, please?"

Auntie Su had a hard time saying those words. So many years ago, when she first laid her eyes on Song Qingchun, she had really liked this little girl. When she was seriously ill, she had not had time to meet her, but whenever they met, she would buy the girl a beautiful dress. She really treated her like her own daughter. In fact, when the girl suddenly appeared at her house last year, even though she was surprised, she had been glad.

However, who would have thought that one day, she would need to play the role of a villain to bully the girl?

She had no choice. She had to do this to protect both of them.

Song Qingchun was shamed by Auntie Su's words. She could not help but lower her head.

Auntie Su was right. She should have conducted herself more appropriately as Brother Yinan's fianc, and who knew what injury might come to Su Zhinian if she continued to stay with him?

A few moments ago, she did consider trying to persuade Auntie Su to change her mind, to have her stay to take care of Su Zhinian, but now she realized that she did not have the right to demand for that.

After some time, Song Qingchun slowly raised her head to look at Auntie Su's eyes. She blinked twice before saying, "Auntie Su, I should be the one who apologize."