Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 715

Chapter 715: Overheard Conversation (19)

"I'm sorry." Song Qingchun gripped her fists tightly because the pain kept her thinking straight. She sucked in a breath surreptitiously before adding, "I understand what to do. I'll leave the hospital tomorrow."

"Qingchun, thank you." Auntie Su did not even have the courage to look Song Qingchun in the eyes anymore. She lowered her head and added, "I'm sorry."

Song Qingchun on reflex wanted to say that it was okay. Her lips opened, but nothing came out. She moved her eyes away and uttered, "Auntie Su, if there's nothing else, I will return to the hospital."


The moment Auntie Su said that, Song Qingchun stood up. Before she left, she even went to the counter to pay for the pot of tea.

Song Qingchun exited the hotel, walked across the zebra crossing, and entered the hospital, but her mind was elsewhere. She did not hurry to return to Su Zhinian's room but went to sit on the cold bench in the hospital garden. She sat there for a long time until her body shivered uncontrollably from the cold. She stood up slowly and headed back into the hospital building.

It was already 11 pm. Song Qingchun assumed that Su Zhinian would be asleep already, but when she pushed open the door, the man was sitting in bed, looking at the darkness through the window.

She paused for a moment at the door before walking in and closing the door softly behind her. She walked to the bedside to ask, "Why aren't you asleep yet?"

Su Zhinian turned to look at her but did not answer. After several seconds, he turned to look out the window again.

"Have you taken your medicine?" As Song Qingchun asked that, she picked up the medicine box from the table. She noticed there were still four pills in it, so she knew Su Zhinian had not had his medicine. She walked to grab a glass of warm water, placed it on the bedside table, counted the necessary number of pills, and passed them to Su Zhinian. "Here, take these and go to sleep."

When Su Zhinian raised his hands to take the glass, Song Qingchun noticed that the needle wound on the back of his hand was bleeding. She frowned and commented, "Why didn't you press on the wound when you took out the needle? It's bleeding all over the place."

Su Zhinian still did not answer. He lowered his head, tossed the pills into his mouth, and swallowed them with a gulp of water.

Song Qingchun pulled open the drawer to take out some cotton balls. She grabbed Su Zhinian's hands and pressed on the wounds.

The bleeding gradually stopped. Song Qingchun dropped the blood-soaked cotton balls into the trashcan. Then she found an alcoholic towelette to wipe his hands clean. She moved the pillow underneath his back away and helped him get into a sleeping position. She helped him with the cover and turned off the lights in the room, adding, "Good night."

Then she stood up to walk to the bathroom.

From the moment Song Qingchun walked into the room, Su Zhinian was like a doll, allowing Song Qingchun to do everything for him. However, just as Song Qingchun turned around, he suddenly reached out to grab her wrist.

Her body shivered. Before she turned to look at him, the man pulled, and she fell into the bed with him.

"Why is your body so cold?" As Su Zhinian said that, Song Qingchun felt she was pulled deeper into his embrace. His hug was tight and powerful like he was afraid she might suddenly leave his side. It caused her back some pain.

Song Qingchun's hands that were lying on her side shifted slightly before they too moved up to circle his back. She hugged him tightly in return.

The room was quiet, the man and the woman saying nothing.