Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 716

Chapter 716: Overheard Conversation (20+21)

Certain beauty like fireworks only lasted for a moment. As pretty as they were, one should never expect them to last. However, even with the knowledge of its transient nature, it did not mean that one would not be sad when it finally passed.

Even though she did not say anything, he understood everything because he had heard the full conversation between her and his mother. The dream-like bliss that had lasted for the past few days was finally going to end. However, other than a hug, he could not give her anything else.

They stayed in that hug for a long time until their arms were sore. However, neither of them showed any desire to leave the other's arms. If anything, the hug only got tighter, like they wished to melt into the other's body.

If possible, they wished for time to stop, and they would die in each other's arms. Alas, that was merely a dream.

Song Qingchun's eyes that were before Su Zhinian's chest started to prickle with tears. Eventually, tears slid out from the corner of her eyes and soaked his cotton pajamas. He knew she was crying. He wanted to comfort her, but he did not do anything; he just stayed there quietly and allowed her to cry her heart out.

Her tears seemed to possess some magical energy. They passed through his clothes, seeped through his skin, melted into his bloodstream, and finally formed needles to pierce through his heart. The pain was so intense that his eyes started to water. A single tear fell from his eyes, trickled down his face, and gently fell onto hers.

The girl's body quivered before she suddenly raised her eyes. Using the dim light in the room, he could see the water shining in her eyes.

He tried to turn his head away to hide his blood-shot eyes, but she suddenly reached upwards to hold his face. Then, she slowly raised her chin to meet his lips.

Her lips were quivering greatly, and her tears fell even faster from her action. The girl's tears slid down her face and flowed into their lips, sour and salty.

His body shook, and he used his hands to grip the back of her head to start to ravage her in return. His beastly manner practically took all the breath away from her lungs.

The deeper their kisses, the hotter they felt. The girl, with an unknown reserve of courage, threw caution to the wind and started to tear away at his shirt.

The buttons of his pajamas landed silently on the floor. Then her hand slithered down his stomach while her other hand actively removed her own clothes. All this while, she was holding him hostage with her kisses. Then they touched skin to skin.

She grabbed hold of his neck and leaned in for a deeper kiss.

The girl was like a lithe and charming nymph, draining all his resistance and rationality.

His body reacted strongly to her advances. He tried his best to maintain the clarity of his mind, trying to remove himself from her, but his injuries prevented him from doing that. With his breaths coming fast, he could only complain weakly. "Qingchun, please don't Qingchun, no Qingchun"

However, his request fell on deaf ears. Her hands continued to wander all over his bare skin. When her hand finally slithered down his crotch, the man groaned, and his sensibility shattered into pieces.

Love and lust overwhelmed the pain as the man suddenly flipped over to press the girl underneath him.

When he entered her body, a dizzying sensation settled over him. This was not their first time, but it was his first time doing it with a conscious mind.

The previous two times were like a dream to him. Even though they were wonderful dreams, when he woke up the next morning, other than the general lethargy, the precious and intimate moments they shared the night before felt like they were from another life.

However, this was different. The sensation was so real. He could feel the girl's shyness, the suppleness of her skin, her dignity and her temperature.

Su Zhinian paused for a moment. With his mouth still kissing Song Qingchun, he started to slowly move.

The otherworldly sensation caused both of them to suck in a deep breath. She gripped his shoulders, and he held her waist as if on instinct. The temperature in the room rose, and the closeness between them grew.

Other than each other, there was no one else in their eyes.

He loved her, and she also loved him, but certain love could only be vented off in such a manner. His love translated into motion. His assault grew heavier and heavier like he wanted to send her flying into space. How hard he was equaled to how much he loved her.

When it all ended, she was tired, and the man with his injury was even more drained than she was. They both collapsed onto the bed. With the other in their arms, they both fell gently into sleep.

When the sun came up the next morning, Song Qingchun's eyes flitted open.

The passion from the night before caused a general weakness in her body. She wiggled lazily in Su Zhinian's embrace before turning her head around to look at the man. His eyes were closed, sleeping sweetly.

Song Qingchun stared at him for a moment before lightly pulling off the cover. She then climbed out of his embrace and out of bed.

She went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Then, she came out in a clean set of clothes. Finally, she started to pack. Her actions were soft because she was afraid that she might wake the sleeping man.

She placed her bag on the sofa and slowly walked back to the bedside. She stared at the sleeping Su Zhinian quietly for a while as a single tear slid down her cheek. She turned quickly around, grabbed her bag, and left the room.

Song Qingchun stood at the hospital entrance to hail a cab. After she got into the car, she messaged Auntie Su, informing her that she had left the hospital. She did not wait for Auntie Su to reply; she just gave the driver the address and told him to drive away.

Song Qingchun did not know that before she sent the message, Auntie Su was already standing at the window in her room, looking down at the hospital entrance.

After Auntie Su received her message, she immediately made a call. She released a long sigh, walked into the bathroom, and cleaned herself up before making her way to the hospital opposite.

Song Qingchun also did not know that when she woke up, Su Zhinian was already awake.

He knew that she was going to leave soon, so he pretended to be asleep. He listened to her in the shower, listened to her pack her things, listened to her even breathing when she stood beside his bed and finally listened to her walk away from his room.

After she got into the elevator, he pulled his eyes open. The man, who was still heavily wounded, dragged his body forcefully out of bed.