Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 717

Chapter 717: Overheard Conversation (22)

Su Zhinian had difficulty even standing upright, much less walking. He drained pretty much all of his energy to nudge himself away from the bed. However, his lack of balance caused him to teeter toward the side when he released his grip on the bedpost. Thankfully, he reached out to grab the wall at the last second to stabilize himself.

Enduring the pain from his legs, he shuffled toward the door using the wall as support. However, he only moved about two meters before his body started to shake from pain. His face was white, and his forehead was covered in endless amount of cold sweat.

When Su Zhinian reached the room door, there was almost no energy left in his body. He had trouble even bringing air into his lungs. Su Zhinian pulled open the door and took one step out. A nurse saw him and rushed over worriedly, saying, "Mr. Su, you shouldn't be out of bed; your leg injury still hasn't recovered."

Su Zhinian stretched his bloodless lips and moved toward the window at the end of the corridor inch by inch without saying a word. The nurse did not have the heart to see him torture himself thusly, so she reached out to support him.

Su Zhinian, who was averse to female contact, did not reject her aid. When he finally got to the window, Song Qingchun had already left in the taxi.

No matter how hard the nurse persuaded him, he refused to budge from his position. In the end, he collapsed from over-exhaustion, and the hospital workers had to haul him back into bed.

That afternoon, Su Zhinian suffered from a high fever. The whole hospital's doctors had tried to administer all kind of fever medicine, but they were all to no avail. The fever lasted for three days and three nights before it gradually receded.

After Song Qingchun left, a new care-taker came to take her place. The nurse, who believed Song Qingchun was Su Zhinian's girlfriend, was surprised by this sudden change. However, Su Zhinian himself was so unaffected by this that she had to suspect her earlier conviction. If anything, without Song Qingchun there, Su Zhinian became an easier patient to take care of.

When Song Qingchun was still there, when the nurse came to help Su Zhinian check his vitals, she would run into Song Qingchun coaxing Su Zhinian to take his medicine, juicing fresh fruit, or feeding him porridge.

She remembered thinking that ST Empire's CEO, who looked so unapproachable on the surface, was nothing more than a hard to please child. However, after Song Qingchun left, the nurse never saw or heard Su Zhinian complain about the choice of food or medicine. The nurse personally thought the hospital's food was a culinary abomination and was shocked to see Su Zhinian enjoying it like it was the best food in the whole world.

The days flew by one after another, and Su Zhinian slowly recovered. He could get up from bed and walk a small distance. Then, his workload started to increase. The sickroom started to receive visitors dressed in suits and ties. However, Song Qingchun, who had remained a question in the nurse's mind, never showed herself again.

One day, after measuring his blood pressure, it was just the nurse and Su Zhinian in the room. She glanced at Su Zhinian, who was typing on his keyboard, and she could not stop herself from asking, "Mr. Su, is Miss Song recently busy? Why haven't I seen her around?"

Su Zhinian stopped typing for a few seconds before resuming his work. He answered with a flat grunt. "Perhaps."

He really had no idea whether she was busy or not. After the day she left, he had not had the pleasure of hearing her voice anymore, much less seeing her in person.