Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 718

Chapter 718: Overheard Conversation (23)

Even though the nurse asked the question, she did not dare press her luck. She collected her stuff in a hurry and left the room.

When she reached her next room, she realized that she had dropped the thermometer. She had to turn back to get it. When she passed the window of Su Zhinian's room, she saw the man, who was originally focused on his work, staring at the bathroom door, completely spaced out.

Song Qingchun indeed did not return to the hospital again. However, she knew everything about Su Zhinian.

That afternoon when she left, she purposely returned to the hospital entrance. She waited there for hours until she finally saw the new care-taker that Auntie Su had hired for Su Zhinian. When the care-taker came out of the hospital, Song Qingchun rushed forward to accost her. Then, they formed a deal. She would pay her a sum of money, and the care-taker would report Su Zhinian's daily condition to her.

Other than the three days of high fever at the beginning, the remaining news was good news. The care-taker was a friendly woman. She would send Song Qingchun more than ten messages in one day. This meant that Song Qingchun had a live feed to Su Zhinian's room.

"Mr. Su had two eggs and a bowl of porridge this morning."

"Mr. Su worked for three hours in the afternoon."

"Mr. Su woke up after a half an hour nap."

"There was a brief meeting in Mr. Su's room this afternoon. One of the five visitors was handsome."

"A man by the name of Tang Nuo came to visit Mr. Su with eight boxes of healthy food. Mr. Su definitely could not finish it all."

"The fruits placed in Mr. Su's room have started to decay."

"Mr. Su can walk on his own already."

"Mr. Su can now stand for longer than ten minutes."

Even though Song Qingchun was not personally there to look after Su Zhinian, the rush of daily good news kept her mood at a constant high. Of course, that did not preclude the occasional bad news.

"Mr. Su seems like he's in quite a foul mood today. He didn't even finish lunch."

"Mr. Su scolded someone on the phone today."

"Mr. Su dumped his work documents on the floor."

When she received such messages, Song Qingchun would also be worried. Her replies to the care-taker would be long as well.

"Is Su Zhinian doing better now?"

"Why was he so unhappy?"

"Have you tried cooking his favorite food? He likes"

As the date drew closer to the end of the month, Song Menghwa's questions regarding her upcoming nuptials to Qin Yinan became more constant and persistent.

One day, she received the message from the care-taker that said, "Miss Song, Mr. Su will be leaving the hospital tomorrow."

Since he was leaving the hospital, she had to face certain things.

Things like her marriage to Qin Yinan, which her father had been bugging her about. Things like the eleven buttons that she had found at his house. Things like the deep dark secret that prevented him from loving her.

The day Su Zhinian got out of the hospital, Song Qingchun had an interview at the eastern part of the city. The care-taker fired her a farewell message. "Miss Song, Mr. Su has left the hospital. Thank you for everything. Goodbye."

Song Qingchun replied with a short farewell. Then she clicked open her phone's calendar. She glanced at the dates and decided to pay Su Zhinian a visit at his bungalow that coming Friday.